I'm afraid I have no idea of the origins of this expression. Gulley Jimson: Ah, there is good news yet to hear, and fine things to be seen... before we go to paradise... by way of Kensal Green. The Horse's Mouth is a 1944 novel by Anglo-Irish writer Joyce Cary, the third in his First Trilogy, whose first two books are Herself Surprised (1941) and To Be A Pilgrim (1942). What's the big idea? A picture is like a tree or a church, you've got to let it grow into a masterpiece. But not all are easy to understand. ‘How do you know he’s leaving?’ ‘I got it straight from the horse’s mouth. And when the whole place is full of dry rot and ghosts and old bones and the shelves are breaking down with old wormy books that no one could read if they tried, and the attic floors are bulging through the servants' ceilings with old trunks and top-boots and gasoliers and dressmaker's dummies and ball frocks and dolls-houses and pony saddles and blunderbusses and parrot cages and uniforms and love letters and jugs without handles and bridal pots decorated with forget-me-nots and a piece out at the bottom, that it grows into a real old faith, a masterpiece which people can really get something out of, each for himself. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It's the story of my life. When he hears, straight from the horse's mouth, what a good worker you are, he'll increase your wages. Gulley Jimson: And lunatics too! All the greatest artists got their squares wrong. For example. Stop! Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of. Mrs. Morton Graines Waring? Nobody knows whether they're all nonsense or a gift from heaven. "The Horse's Mouth Quotes." Gulley Jimson: Expecting me? Nail him, girlie. the jockey or the trainer. Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. And they seem to each other like devils, full of spite and cruelty. Hold on, maiden, you've got him. Gulley Jimson: You've got the right idea, son. Gulley Jimson: Go and do something sensible, like shooting yourself! If you get a piece of information from the horse's mouth, you get it directly from someone who is involved in it and knows most about it. Painter at side of ship: Where do you think you're goin', Dad? And easier. “To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius. Miss D. Coker: Excuse me, Mrs. Monday, I'm Miss D. Coker, a friend of Mr. Jimson's and we want a few words with you, and not in the street, if you please. Charwoman: Draw your own feet! Explode! Constable: Have you just sent a telephone message of a threatening character to Mr. Hickson of Portland Place? All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. It's a new world every heart beat.”, “To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius.”, “The truth is that life is hard and dangerous; that he who seeks his own happiness does not find it; that he who is weak must suffer; that he who demands love will be disappointed; that he who is greedy will not be fed; that he who seeks peace will find strife; that truth is only for the brave; that joy is only for him who does not fear to be alone; that life is only for the one who is not afraid to die.”. Miss D. Coker: I'm saying my prayers; I forgot them. I don't know you. To hear something "from the horse's mouth" is to hear it from the person it concerns. Gulley Jimson: Thirty seconds of revelation is worth a million years of know-nothings. From the best authority. It would make him laugh till his teeth dropped out; from old age.”, “The Professor looked like a Protestant saint when the cannibal offered him the choice of taking six wives or being boiled alive. Constable: Now he doesn't want to prosecute, but if you go on making a nuissance of yourself, well, he's gonna have to take steps. https://www.quotes.net/movies/the_horse's_mouth_quotes_146537. He's your boy. They begin as a lot of funny words. Some people like to collect horses quotes. Gulley Jimson: It could happen to anyone, dear. This comes straight from the horse's mouth, so it has to be believed. . It keeps the old brain limber. This expression refers to the presumed ideal source for a racing tip and hence of other useful information. Green in her eyes. Buzz off! 01 of 10. Got me locked out for life. Gulley Jimson: Go away. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" of course means, you can't make anyone do something they really don't want to do. I don't want to know you. Hold Your Horses What does it mean? Hodges: Are you sure that Sir and Lady Beeder are expecting you? Shall I call him back? Gulley Jimson: I wish I could. - "You mean do some research?" And the only people who think anything of 'em are a lot of cranks or crackpots, or poor devils who don't know enough to know anything. Putting up her face like a duck to the moon. But don't be an artist! Miss D. Coker: Well, he's our Father, isn't he? Gulley Jimson: I like it here: bricks and broken glass, and an old garbage can. 1 decade ago. Because it's true. Stop, thief! [she leaves]. 18 quotes from Joyce Cary: 'To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. I'm going to be a little bit ill. Gulley Jimson: It's the kind of face you want to throw a brick at, don't you think? No chin, mouth like a frog. Why don't you bite me? Gazing down at his sweetie with the face of a saint reading the works of God. “Why,' I said, quite surprised by my own eloquence in inventing all this stuff, 'it happens every day. From a reliable source, on the best authority. It means that they got the truth from a reliable source. Scram. But why go and live in an asylum before you're sent for? You simply say 'I'm going to see a man about a horse' and exit stage right. Gulley Jimson: [to Nosey] Now see what you've done. Man in the Street 1: Stop, thief! “I have it straight from the mouth of a horse,” wrote Christopher Morley (. They're down on their knees praying for me. Numbers were invented by Arabs who hate art. Who's done you a real injury. Can you use this in your English exam? It is a sensation something between that of an angel let out of his cage into a new sky and a drunkard turned loose in a royal cellar. Gulley Jimson: Old women's feet... thin, flat, long, clinging to the ground like reptiles. Come. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/from+the+horse%27s+mouth%2c+straight. And the next minute the candles shoot out sparks and burn their eyes. He's a friend of mine. ... - "I'd want to hear that from the horse's mouth first." Since they can sell for a lot, the buyer might make a costly mistake. “I will admit that I wanted to shout for standing on the top of a scaffold in front of a good new wall always goes to my head. I heard it straight from the horse's mouth! Young man like a pug. Here are ten common horse quotations and what they may mean. Make them respect you. Gulley Jimson: Would he rather I cut his liver out without phoning? Everybody does, once. Be the first to learn about new releases! He wanted to mortify some flesh, but he didn't know which.”, “So evil is the brood of the slogans that the most splendid and noble battle cries, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, bred nothing but new and more cunning, more hypocritical despots, better organised murder, popular nationalism drunk with the conceit of hooligans, militarism as the tool of demagogues, hatred not to be assuaged by the blood of millions and a century of tears.”, “She had never realized how little her “devotion” meant to a man who was himself “devoted” – not even to a human being but to something that seemed to his imagination (which had done so much to create it) infinitely more beautiful and worthy – the Cause.”, We’d love your help. ', 'To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius. Now, be off with you. And then, of course, everybody keeps on saying that it ought to be pulled down at once, because it's an insanitary nuisance.”, “I look at life as a gift of God. Most of the book is completely true; it comes from the horse's mouth. 3 0. aida. Constable: [Dicky sticks out tongue to Jimson]. Some horse quotations are not so easy to decipher. And they will drive each other mad unless they have grown some imagination. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. He just went up the road. Quotes.net. Tie lead weights to your feet, fireworks in your hair, kiss your mother goodbye and jump in the river. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the The Horse's Mouth movie on Quotes.net Bobby: You start yelling "stop, thief" at innocent people... Bobby: ...and you'll find yourself in hot water. Fly laddie, fly off with your darling vision before she turns into a frow, who spends all her life thinking of what the neighbours think.”, “They can't give you all that, Mr Jimson,' said Walter, who was upset. Put yourself in his place. Web. Same with a poem or a new religion. A few common horse quotations are self-evident. Origin: When you get a tip for a horse race, the tip is better as nearer it is to the horse e.g. He is also a bit of an anarchist and three or four years ago he took up Einstein and vitamins.”, “Nothing is a masterpiece - a real masterpiece - till it's about two hundred years old. It's all right. I know it's true! But they get over it, like measles and chicken pox. When buying a horse, some sellers will lie, and say the horse is younger than it is. - "That's right, bro." And it's only when the tree has been cut into planks and built into a house and the house has got pretty old and about fifty generations of ordinary lumpheads who don't know a work of art from a public convenience, have been knocking nails in the kitchen beams to hang hams on, and screwing hooks in the walls for whips and guns and photographs and calendars and measuring the children on the window frames and chopping out a new cupboard under the stairs to keep the cheese and murdering their wives in the back room and burying them under the cellar flags, that it begins even to feel like a religion. Lv 7. It was a long time before one of them grew into a tree big enough to kill the rest and keep the rain off. Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain.”, “I want the best of everything for everybody, and it will cost millions.”, “It was as dark as the inside of a cabinet minister.”, “B-but, Mr Jimson, I w-want to be an artist.'. Just a lot of floating seeds to start with, all sorts of seeds. Gulley Jimson: I only said I'd burn his house down and cut his liver out. 'It wouldn't be right. Gulley Jimson: No. Gulley Jimson: Anyone at home? Most of the book is completely true; it comes from the horse's mouth. Look at Christianity. [Referring to prison]. The old old story. It's a new world every heart beat. Abel: That's all right, I'll work down there. It's a very nice place. Next thing you know he'll be getting into your beer like prussic acid; and blotting out your eyes like a cataract and screaming in your ears like a brain tumour and boiling round your heart like melted lead and ramping though your guts like a cancer. I want to get started. 21 Oct. 2020. Look out, Puggy, that isn't a maiden you see before you, it's a work of imagination. Welcome back. Although this fact has been known for centuries (and indeed gave rise to the adage, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, dating from the fifth century), the expression dates only from the 1920s.

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