That’s the question that the writer, director, and actor Robert Krantz asked two years ago when he set out to share his passion for faith, comedy, and dance. If you’d like to engage with Warwick and Crucible Leadership on LinkedIn, that’s at Warwick Fairfax, that is with the silent W in the middle, W-A-R-W-I-C-K Fairfax on LinkedIn. He owns his own production and distribution company, Ellinas Multimedia ( Robert Krantz. Paperback. He said, “Bob, bring some of your videos to this event,” and I said, “Nick, nobody knows me. Being from Australia, obviously, loved the fact that the lead actress is Australian. Mary Lou was preceded in death by her two siblings, Elaine (Selaiden) and George. We’ve got to get going here.”, Robert K: You’ve had about five or six, do you need 20? She goes, “Oh, my gosh, $80?” I took all 20 of the $20 bills and I threw it over the bed. I mean, how many do you need? Lock. Dave and Tricia started dating while they were in high school at Vista High School. Most important, she was an exceptionally devoted mother and grandmother who will be greatly missed. Everyone in my life was telling me move on, except three people, my mom, my best-friend Gary, and my sister were telling me don’t quit. Our guest today is Robert Krantz and we’re going to get talking to Robert in a minute, but before that, let me tell you a little bit about Robert Krantz. To add to your point there, even the release of this film, along the way everyone told me don’t put it in movie theaters. We just went… It was like a million bucks for us and I put it on the counter. Mary Lou (Lulu) Krantz (née Terris) passed away peacefully on Monday, August 13, at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California, surrounded by her children Robert and Cathy, daughter-in-law Tricia, and grandchildren. No. It was right in the middle of all this, 2008, the great recession hit and it was just one foot in front of the other, hard, hard, hard work. his goals, his dreams for the future--when his twin is killed in the flaming oil fields. “Why don’t we have a romantic comedy/dance film for the faith-based market?”. Robert Krantz is a writer, producer, co-director, star and curator of faith-based entertainment, including the feel-good hit film Faith, Hope & Love with co-star Peta Murgatroyd. I got up. I think we had one copy of the film, that’s all we could afford, and I had Dolby come in. Yet, you just, inner conviction. Since that moment, I’ve heard four or five cases, almost once very year about triplets that were born deaf, blind, triplets that were born and one or two died. As we start moving toward doing what I like to call land the plane, one of the things that Warwick and I wanted to chat with you about is Crucible Leadership is all about, not the end, but the goal of coming out of a crucible is to lead a life of significance. One foot in front of the other. I mean, what is the deal here?” It would be easy for you to be angry. The reception will be held at the Balboa Bay Club and Resort at 1 p.m. Bring comfort and tell the story of your loved one’s lifetime. She had impeccable taste, and she was an amazing cook and avid reader who loved Agatha Christie mystery’s novels. That was the prayer. That is just an incredible story and I really appreciate you sharing. If you’d like to learn more about Crucible Leadership, you can visit us on our website, at They had to call the fire warden because it was so oversold, and it was the first time I’d ever seen a movie that I had written get a reaction. Her parents suddenly announce that the family is going on a trip to visit their relatives in Ghana - and ... Self-love is not narcissism. I walked on water, rose from the dead, healed the deaf, the blind, the dumb, but you don’t think I can fill that theater, Bob. What was wrong with you?”. It was hard, hard work and I was constantly wondering, am I supposed to do this, is this what it’s supposed to be, etcetera, and it led up to a moment where I made a movie. It was absolute chaos and then somehow, somebody found a bulb, but I remember we were about halfway through the film at that point. As my friend, Elaine, says, “Could you have made it a longer dot com title?”. She enjoyed the ocean, sea, and beach and 1940s movies as well as film noir. I’m telling you, it was one bumpy ride after another. Mary Lou is survived by her daughter Cathy Evangelatos (née Krantz), and her two sons Robert and Timothy Krantz. Warwick talks all the time, Robert, he talks all the time about what do you want on your tombstone and one of the things that we discovered as we were talking about that concept is if you look at the three greatest singers in three genres, country, Johnny Cash, Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, standards, jazz singer Frank Sinatra. The Trisagion Memorial Service will be held at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church at 5761 E. Colorado St., Long Beach, on Saturday, August 18, at 10:30 a.m. Father Christos P. Kanakis will be officiating. I can remember the shoes I wore, I can remember the gym bag I had, everything, because on the last day, I was the last guy to get cut. Warwick F: But first he needed the right partner to help tell his story about finding love after great loss, on the dance floor. Robert K: They were crying at the part they were meant to be crying at, so that’s always a positive sign and if not for the light bulb, there’s a pretty fair chance that somebody would have picked it up and maybe the last 20 years could have been very different. Gary S: She grew up in San Diego and married her famous hubby in 1997. For more information about Robert Krantz and to buy Faith, Hope & Love on DVD, visit People told me when we went to the premier, do not have it. When I came home, my son, George, had left a note on the stairs which said, “Are you done yet?” I went upstairs and I told my wife, “I won’t make another movie until they’re in college.” They went into college and then I made Faith, Hope and Love. Narcissism is a disorder. How do you catch the wind and question it? 18 Country Walk Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. Mary Lou’s mother Penelope Panotsopoulos immigrated from Tropea, Greece, at the age of 18, and her father Robert Terris immigrated from Olympia, Greece, to Wisconsin. } It wasn’t like Paul, can you imagine, Paul must have said to God, “Invent the internet already. Right? I was by myself and I remember saying, “God, please just give me any sign.” It was… even talking about it now, it’s difficult. window.mc4wp = { Professionally, in the movie business, opening weekend is everything. So, the little girl asks the local priest (M. Emmet Walsh) to ask for God’s help; the priest says that he’ll share her request with God and that they’ll leave it up to God to answer. It isn’t just a story about love or a story about life but a story of God’s blessings. You guys are worried about them dying. That’s when Peta Murgatroyd arrived, having just been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars that week. So, while Krantz has been offscreen for sixteen years, he’s back now, and ready to put on his dancing shoes. Gary S: 3K likes. Actually, when I parked the car, I went inside, I booked the theater, it was sold out. For the young at heart and the heart of the young here is a story that captures the moments that make life worth living. He served in the Korean War from 1950 to 1952, in the G-2 Unit, Special Intelligence Service in Anchorage, AK, where he was as a decoder who helped the US Army decode intercepted Russian messages. Warwick F: window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ For the longest time, we’ve been married I think what, almost 26 years now, and I, for the longest time I thought, boy, I really was a good judge of character. Nobody knows me.” He said, “Just bring it.” I said to my wife, “Do you think I should go?” She was on bedrest at the time. Men will find the book humorous and touching in an unsentimental breadth of emotions, from caretaking to protecting to letting go.Buy one for your sweetheart and enjoy a good talk after he reads it. I started the story from the beginning and repeated it. I mean, you’ve got these two searing experiences, you have this great movie that you felt like you knew this was a hit. I see my mom and I’m like, “Hey, Mom, this is how it went.” My wife goes behind my mother and she keeps going like this… I go, “yeah, yeah, I’m glad, I hope you’re feeling better.” She’s like that, and finally I go, “What is it?” She goes, “I took a pregnancy test, I’m pregnant.” It was three weeks later, I come home, there’s an ambulance outside the house and I’m thinking, “Oh, my God.” Either way it’s going to be bad news because my mom was older, my wife I knew was pregnant. Finally, after five minutes I go, “Is that two, like two children?” He goes, “Oh, yeah, yeah. Members save with free shipping everyday! I wonder if they have popcorn night in heaven? Gosh, must be God’s plan to resurrect the company and the ideals of the founder, at least in terms of how people are treated and the ethics and what have you. I said, “I’m going to make a movie about our friendship.” I ended up making this film called Do You Wanna Dance, which is basically a guy, myself, a dance instructor, gets in trouble with the law and ends up having to teach a bunch senior citizens how to dance, so they can stay in shape as his community service instead of going to jail. It was just this stupid light bulb and I think for two or three days, I don’t remember sleeping much at all. See details. You, obviously, weren’t happy, but you said, “Okay.” You humbled yourself to be a manager, you’ve worked your tail off and got on the team and became captain. I mean, I think you kind of said it a bit, were you like angry and like, this is just so unfair? Then, my wife squeezed my hand and I thought, well, we’re probably both not having strokes at the same time, so there’s a problem here. He served in the Korean War from 1950 to 1952, in the G-2 Unit, Special Intelligence Service in Anchorage, AK, where he was as a decoder who helped the US Army decode intercepted Russian messages. Robert K: Five year later, I was in my home crossing through the living room and I went, “Oh, okay. This other one, about God called you to the film industry and when you hit some rocky roads there, that was tested. Leave a memory, tell a favorite story or share a kind word or condolence. Apparently, there’s urban company up there that’s selling it and they’re giving out German copies for German. He was the 781st overall pick selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 28th round of the 1994 MLB Draft. That’s the kind of kismet Krantz sees in his career, and in his life, even when it meant putting his acting career on hold thanks to the story of his three sons.

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