While many international oil companies have operated there for decades, by 2014 most were making moves to divest their interests, citing a range of issues including oil theft. But the elections were marred by violence and allegations of widespread vote rigging and electoral malfeasance led to legal battles over the results. As of 2017, the population stood at 191 million. The median age in 2017 was 18.4 years. ", OQTM – Nigeria celebrates 'greatest' victory, "Nigeria bobsled women qualify for Winter Olympics", "Why Nigeria produces Scrabble champions", "And The No. [264] The total surface area of this country is approximately 923,768 square kilometers. Nigeria in recent years has been embracing industrialisation. Nigeria hoped to begin construction in 2011 and start nuclear power production in 2017–2020. [212], An 18 December 2012 report on religion and public life by the Pew Research Center stated that in 2010, 49.3 percent of Nigeria's population was Christian, 48.8 percent was Muslim, and 1.9 percent were followers of indigenous and other religions, or unaffiliated. The international community, which had been observing Nigerian elections to encourage a free and fair process, condemned this one as being severely flawed. Lire la suite, Dans le chapitre « L'Afrique noire anglophone » Other Nigerian writers and poets who are well known internationally include John Pepper Clark, Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensi, Buchi Emecheta, Helon Habila, T. M. Aluko, Isaac Delano, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Daniel O. Fagunwa, Femi Osofisan and Ken Saro Wiwa, who was executed in 1995 by the military regime. Urban population growth (annual %) Sources - Qu’est-ce qu’une pyramide des âges? Nigerian feasts are colourful and lavish, while aromatic market and roadside snacks cooked on barbecues or fried in oil are plentiful and varied.[296]. [192] In 1950, Nigeria had only 33 million people. [278] According to the U.S. Department of State,[278] the most significant human rights problems are: use of excessive force by security forces; impunity for abuses by security forces; arbitrary arrests; prolonged pretrial detention; judicial corruption and executive influence on the judiciary; rape, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners, detainees and suspects; harsh and life‑threatening prison and detention centre conditions; human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution and forced labour; societal violence and vigilante killings; child labour, child abuse and child sexual exploitation; domestic violence; discrimination based on ethnicity, region and religion. The vast landlocked empire connected the East with the West Sudan region and made inroads down south conquering parts of the Oyo Empire (modern-day Kwara), and advanced towards the Yoruba heartland of Ibadan, with the goal of reaching the Atlantic Ocean. gross domestic product rate decreased to 2%. [90] Several hundred million dollars in accounts traced to Abacha were discovered in 1999. His regime was overthrown by another military coup in 1985. The 2002 Miss World pageant was moved from Abuja to London in the wake of violent protests by Muslims in the Northern part of the country that left at least a hundred dead and more than 500 injured. Consistent with the rise of Nigeria as an increasingly dangerous hot spot, 28 of the 30 seafarers kidnapped globally between January and June 2013 were in Nigeria. [289][290] By 2016, this record was held by The Wedding Party, a film by Kemi Adetiba. [165] Several startups like Paystack, Interswitch, Bolt and Piggyvest are leveraging technology to solve issues across different sectors. The UNHCR representative said in 20 years of work, she had "never seen such a level of destruction". [253][254] In the 2010 Jos riots, more than 500 people were killed by religious violence. [247], There is some major piracy in Nigeria, with attacks directed at all types of vessels. Nigeria has a highly developed financial services sector, with a mix of local and international banks, asset management companies, brokerage houses, insurance companies and brokers, private equity funds and investment banks. Abuja is home to several parks and green areas. Aside from plant invaders, Rattus rattus and Avian influenza virus were also considered IAS in Nigeria. [270], In Nigeria, at least half a million suffer from vaginal fistula, largely as a result of lack of medical care. Lord Frederick Lugard a British general, was tasked by the Colonial Office to implement the agenda. [229] The new strategy dramatically increased accessibility through community-based health care reform, resulting in more efficient and equitable provision of services. [23] Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", owing to its large population and economy,[24] it is also considered to be an emerging market by the World Bank;[25] it has been identified as a regional power on the African continent,[26][27][28] a middle power in international affairs,[29][30][31][32] and has also been identified as an emerging global power. Nigeria's national basketball team made the headlines internationally when it qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics as it beat heavily favoured world elite teams such as Greece and Lithuania. The Senate is a 109-seat body with three members from each state and one from the capital region of Abuja; members are elected by popular vote to four-year terms. It thereafter alternated between democratically-elected civilian governments and military dictatorships until it achieved a stable democracy in 1999, with the 2015 presidential election marking the first time an incumbent president had lost re-election. In order to increase the number of universities in Nigeria from 129 to 138 the Federal Government gave nine new private universities their licences in May 2015. The satellite cost about US$500,000 to manufacture and launch. Nigeria used part of its oil profits to pay the residual 40%, freeing up at least $1.15 billion annually for poverty reduction programmes. [104], Nigeria is a federal republic modelled after the United States,[105] with executive power exercised by the President. Women have less land rights. It is comparable in size to Venezuela, and is about twice the size of the U.S. state of California. Three other international airports are Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano, Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu and Port Harcourt International Airport in Port Harcourt. In 2017, Nigeria signed the UN treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.[178]. [106] The president's power is checked by a Senate and a House of Representatives, which are combined in a bicameral body called the National Assembly. The Nigerian film industry is known as Nollywood (a blend of Nigeria and Hollywood[287]) and is now the 2nd-largest producer of movies in the world after India's Bollywood. 24 juin 2018, Signature d’un accord de libre-échange continental. La décision de créer une ville nouvelle dans la zone de savane du vaste plateau central, à proximité du village d'Abuja, va de pair avec la création d'une […] Immigrants also include those from other West African or East African nations. Other major slaving ports in Nigeria were located in Badagry, Lagos on the Bight of Benin and on Bonny Island on the Bight of Biafra. Directeur des éditions Citadel Books à Enugu, il a fondé et dirigé de 1962 à 1972 la célèbre collection Écrivains africains aux éditions Heinemann et dirige, depuis 1962, la revue littéraire Okike . [citation needed], Nigeria has been pervaded by political corruption. Lire la suite, Né à Ogidi, au Nigeria, Achebe a étudié à Ibadan et à Londres avant de travailler, dès 1954, à la radio nigériane comme producteur puis directeur régional. The 2009 Eyo carnival (a yearly festival originated from Iperu Remo, Ogun State), which took place on 25 April, was a step toward world city status. [162] Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing telecommunications markets in the world, major emerging market operators (like MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Globacom) basing their largest and most profitable centres in the country. [117] One exception to the African focus was Nigeria's close relationship developed with Israel throughout the 1960s. Concord Press, Ikeja, Lagos. [147] Nigeria is the United States' largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa and supplies a fifth of its oil (11% of oil imports). In 1995, an estimated 21,000 Nigerian doctors were practising in the United States alone, which is about the same as the number of doctors working in the Nigerian public service. [133] In the dry northeast corner of the country lies Lake Chad, which Nigeria shares with Niger, Chad and Cameroon. [285] JuJu music, which is percussion music fused with traditional music from the Yoruba nation and made famous by King Sunny Adé, is from Nigeria. Nigeria is a federal republic comprising 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Abuja, is located. Les terres cuites de Nok (600 av.-250 apr. De récentes datationss tendent à prouver qu'elle se serait épanouie au cours du I er  millénaire avant notre ère. Nigeria retains membership in the Non-Aligned Movement. Nigeria provides free, government-supported education, but attendance is not compulsory at any level, and certain groups, such as nomads and the handicapped, are under-served. The pidgin English or Nigerian English is widely spoken within the Niger Delta Regions, predominantly in Warri, Sapele, Port Harcourt, Agenebode, Ewu, and Benin City. Tension rose between North and South; Igbos in Northern cities suffered persecution and many fled to the Eastern Region. Population: 200 788 000 (estim. The Supreme Vikings Confraternity, for example, boasts that twelve members of the Rivers State House of Assembly are cult members. S'appuyant sur Amon, dieu suprême de l'Égypte thébaine, et sur son clergé de Napata, où un temp […] Its coastline is at least 853 km (530 mi). Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 spoken languages. Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, with approximately 200 million people in an area of 923,768 km 2 (356,669 sq mi), and is also the country with the largest population in Africa and the seventh largest population in the world.. Nigeria has a space satellite that is monitored at the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency Headquarters in Abuja.

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