By the adoption of this system in one large plantation in the West Indies, crushing upwards of 1200 tons of canes per day, the labour of sixty-four hands was dispensed with, and was thus made available for employment in the fields. 1 There is nothing to show that the boy's life was markedly different from that common to Virginia families in easy circumstances; plantation affairs, hunting, fishing, and a little reading making up its substance. A little further along, a rather exotic looking bamboo plantation can be seen on the far side of the river. Back in plantation days, whoever did the dance best on a given night won a cake. the customs increased from £50 to over £goon; but although he obtained from various sources about £10,000 a year and a considerable sum also accrued from the plantation of Ulster, the revenue is supposed to have fallen short of the expenditure by about £16,000 a year. He studied at the college of New Jersey (now Princeton University) from 1774 to 1776, when the institution was closed on account of the outbreak of the War of Independence; served for a short time in a New Jersey militia company; studied law at Bute Court-house, North Carolina, in 1 7771 7 80, at the same time managing his tobacco plantation; was a member of a Warren county militia company in 1780-1782, and served in the North Carolina Senate in 1781-1785. Up till 1870 or thereabouts, cotton seed was regarded as a positive nuisance upon the American plantation. Each year should therefore show an increase in the production of plantation rubber. The Victorian and antebellum architecture may make you question which century you're in, and you can see a cotton gin at the 1800s Frogmore Plantation. Sisal hemp has been introduced, and there is a large plantation of it W. The Japanese and Koreans, and in less measure the Chinese, act as domestic servants, work under white contractors on irrigating ditches and reservoirs, do most of the plantation labour and compete successfully with whites and native islanders in all save skilled urban occupations, such as printing and the manufacture of machinery. The development of this fungus is greatly promoted by the presence of decaying stumps and wood in the plantation. It tells the story of Karen Blixen, who builds a plantation in Africa and ends up in a love triangle between her, a big game hunter, and her husband that she married out of convenience. It was governed under a "plantation covenant" until the 4th of June 1639, when, at a general meeting, the "free planters" adopted the fundamental principles of a new government. This will operate to the advantage of plantation rubber and against the wild rubber, so long as the latter is not exported in a purer condition. The Plantation Rooms are located in two buildings surrounded by tropical, hibiscus filled gardens and swaying palm trees. Large reserves are set apart for the natives by government when marking off the land granted to plantation companies. By the colonial authorities Natick was considered as a " plantation " until the establishment of the church; in 1762 the parish (erected in 1745) became a district, and in 1781 this was incorporated as a town. ; the seeds germinate in the spring, and the seedlings are usually transplanted when one or two years old to nursery-beds, where they are allowed to grow from two to four years, till required for the plantation. Tubman's activities became so notorious that plantation owners offered a $ 40,000 reward for her capture. On the first night of the debate Lord Howick, afterwards Lord Grey, who had been undersecretary for the Colonies, and who opposed the resolutions as proceeding too gradually towards abolition, cited certain occurrences on Sir John Gladstone's plantation in Demerara to illustrate his contention that the system of slave-labour in the West Indies was attended by great mortality among the slaves. Galway's Plantation is the newly excavated ruins of a 17th-century plantation. sisal plantation in the Bahamas for seven years. Example sentences with the word plantations. Here and there one sees a solitary sifsaf tree, or a small plantation of poplars or white mulberries, which trees, with the date-palm, constitute the only timber of the country. In the future this washing of " wild " rubber may be conducted in the tropics, thus furnishing the manufacturer with rubber which, like " plantation " rubber, need not be subjected to this process in the factory. A forest plantation of several thousand Scotch pine, made something like twenty-two years ago, is still in good condition. As soon as the output of plantation rubber of constant composition has reached much larger dimensions it is probable that the manufacturer will be able to dispense with washing. Para rubber from Brazil generally contains about 15% of water, whilst " plantation " Para is usually nearly dry and contains 1% of water or less. Among the ancients it was in request for poles, rafters, joists, and for the construction of winepresses, tables and musical instruments; and on that account was so valuable that a plantation of cypresses was considered a sufficient dowry for a daughter. An act for restricting the sale of such liquors was passed in 1846; the first prohibitory act was passed, largely through the influence of Neal Dow, in 1851; this was frequently amended; and in 1884 an amendment 1 An unincorporated township containing less than 200 inhabitants may, on the application of three resident voters, be organized as a plantation, but does not pay state or county taxes unless by special legislative order. All Rights Reserved. The author provides a brief background on the Plantation Tamils, " descendants of Indian labor migrants to the plantation Tamils, " descendants of Indian labor migrants to the plantations during the British period. The oldest of the plantation trees of Ceylon and Malaya are not much more than twelve years old, whilst it is to. seaward edge of the plantation must present an oblique face to the wind. assistants, a secretary and a constable were chosen as the civil officers; annual elections and an annual session of the General Court in the last week of October were agreed upon; English statute and common law were expressly excluded; and the "worde of God was adopted as the onely rule to be attended unto in ordering the affayres of government in this plantation.". 67. Ion fluxes related to growth of plantation forestry are considered. The " plantation " of Ulster by Scottish colonists was begun and flourished. On an extended cruise, like the one that goes from Louisiana to Tennessee, you'll have several stops along the way where you can see plantation houses, a cotton gin, a haunted house, Civil War historical sites, and more. In 1873 the "foreignlabour" traffic in plantation hands for Queensland and Fiji extended its baneful influence from the New Hebrides to these islands. of the Cambridge Modern History, and edited William Bradford's History of the Plimouth Plantation (1896) and the Correspondence of Susan Ferrier (1898)'. Maine is the only state in the Union that retains what is known as the organized plantation. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The plantation owner has possessed himself of a vast piece of land. The settlement was first called "Boston Plantation," or "Poontoosuck," but in 1761, when it was incorporated as a township, the name was changed to Pittsfield, in honour of the elder William Pitt. The settlement was first called "Boston Plantation," or "Poontoosuck," but in 1761, when it was incorporated as a township, the name was changed to Pittsfield, in honour of the elder William Pitt. For their government the settlers adopted (1639) a plantation covenant. mango plantation, books, desks for a school or train a teacher. The principal forms of local government are the town (or township), the plantation, the county and the city. He owned a cotton plantation. o 8 Good ginned Kumta o The close relationship between the length of the upon the cotton plantation. The slaves labored on the cotton plantation while their owner enjoyed a life of leisure.

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