[00:17:47] Ok, thanks, I'll step back in the queue. We're going to talk about some operating highlights and some some key wins and just developments throughout the quarter. I mean, you can see that in our net and loan shrinkage is we're not taking every deal out there. I mean, there's a lot of uncertainty out there. Interest bearing deposit costs declined by 19 basis points, 47 basis points this quarter, and non-interest-bearing deposits were 32 percent of total. We do have, as we mentioned before, the deposit costs coming down a little bit. So is it fair for us to assume that the hospitality portfolio could have the largest severity of losses within the Cadence book, given how much larger its reserve ratio is? And what we saw in the third quarter in our loan. So I agree with Paul and obviously with the team that we have in place, the retention efforts that we have in place really optimistic about turning. [00:02:12] We completed our third party loan review of the CRM and CNI portfolios and pleased to report that the review did not result in any downgrades or further or changes to our grading process. We realized strong mortgage banking revenue, a million and a half as the low rate environment continues to drive high volumes of new originations and refinancing. So I look forward to resuming that that leverage, seeing that the whole covid pause that is put on that progress, how long will that pause be before we can get back to that? And in September 30, our common equity tier one and two and ratios were up to twelve point one percent and total capital was up to fourteen point eight percent. As Paul mentioned, our adjusted pre-tax reprovision net revenue continues to be strong and stable at ninety five million, reflecting strength in our revenue and expense management. Please go ahead. CEO at Paul Murphy Associates. And in this environment, expect that to continue as well. [00:14:53] Thanks. [00:33:48] All right, then, moving on to the margin, I know if you look at the margin, there's a ton of moving pieces with what you're doing with the Bond book and Liquidity and PPC. Paul Murphy CEO Other 500+ connections. We believe that we've reached a pretty much stable level in our impact on our loan portfolio related to life. I think we'll get some good news, too, that will offset maybe more, maybe overwhelmed the bad news. Our adjusted efficiency ratio continue to reflect our longstanding expense management culture, coming in at forty nine and a half percent for the third quarter, adjusted expenses increased five point one million in the quarter to ninety two point five million, due largely to compensation costs, including two point six million in lower deferred salaries as a result of the second quarter PPY loan originations and a three point two million increase in incentive expense as a result of improved corporate performance in the quarter. It sounds like there's some potential for upgrades in that portfolio. And so, you know, all things considered, you know, we're we're appropriately reserved, I believe. I would now like to turn the conference over to Paul Murphy, chairman and CEO. [00:35:29] Where you believe that the portfolios that we have, we will manage ourselves. And, you know, really what we're seeing is some really resilient operators. We've got five main and non performers there. But I guess stepping back, how do you want us to think about peak reserves? And as mentioned before, total deposit costs declined by 14 basis points to thirty two in the quarter. It'll probably drift down a bit further. Morency, I want to start on pre-tax reprovision income, which has been fairly stable the past few quarters, expect that to remain flattish or how are you thinking about potentially growing that off these levels? But again, over the next couple of quarters, once we look beyond that, anticipate that to continue to grow our fee income is doing really well. [00:20:38] Hey, Steve, this is Sam of good morning. I don't think it's reflects a disproportionately high level of risk. Greater Chicago Area. Just want to see if you can expand on that potential and let us know kind of what that depends upon. And because I think the three seventy would probably be a lot higher than what your competitors are actually lending at. The third quarter adjusted net income was fifty one point four million, or 40 cents per share of one hundred and eight million from the prior quarters. [00:20:18] Ok, thank you. Yeah, we do believe that we've got the biggest impact or actually the remaining impact of the labor declines in the third quarter on our portfolio. Are we at peak reserves for the company? [00:19:40] That's helpful, and then Paul and the dividend, it was nice to see the bump up this quarter, you know, what do you need to see to further increase the dividend? Thanks. We're down about two hundred million linked quarter. [00:37:48] I understood it, maybe just one more question on credit, I assume this quarter's results include the impact of the SNEEK exam. The total new loans in the third quarter average three point seven one percent. Thank you very much. Just curious from a big picture, are you being surprised at all from a credit point of view, or do you feel like you've been through the portfolio enough to understand exactly where the problems are? [00:11:31] Total net deferred fees associated with these loans was thirteen and a half million at September 30, which is amortized over the remaining the remainder of that the two year life, but will be brought forward into earnings when these loans are forgiven. I think it's mainstream for our portfolio. And I'm confident that we've got the team in place to do exactly that. Do you feel like you're sort of, you know, kind of at a final reset there and that can kind of stabilize from here? Just, you know, covid risk off is a prevalent idea throughout the portfolio. What we are seeing some more production activity in our markets. And you said you didn't have any differences, but just curious on the extent of it. Nice job and a couple of questions here just on credit, obviously much better from a provision point of view, but still sitting at, you know, over three percent reserves, which maybe signal some some pain on the horizon. So we have a pretty good view of what the pricing looks like as well. He is also a board member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Care System, Children’s Museum of Houston, The Kinkaid School and the Greater Houston Community Foundation. [00:16:14] Ok, let me ask it another way. [00:00:08] Welcome to the Kennedy Space Corporation, third quarter twenty twenty earnings call comments are subject to the forward looking statements disclaimer which can be found in the press release and on page two of the financial results presentation. And we've talked about it for a number of periods. All participants will be in listen only mode after management's opening remarks. View Paul Murphy’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Or do you think there's maybe more pressure to come on on those loan deals? [00:24:45] Yeah, you know, I think that, you know, as we look out into 2021 and see kind of where is our where is our bottom? [00:40:33] This concludes our question and answer session, I would like to turn the conference back over to Paul Murphy for closing remarks. After looking at E21C's Financial Statements for 2016-2017, a company quoted as; 'a business owned by the Head Teacher' providing 'CEO services to the academy trust' is named as SPHA Ltd. Joining me today in person are Valerie, Sam, Hank and David. But but I think for our portfolio, I think it's appropriate. Thank you for joining us for our call. [00:17:09] Ok. And then just one more remind us of the third party review, the extent of that. Please go ahead. That may mean other opportunities. The highlight here is 14 basis points. [00:06:36] Second is the restaurant portfolio. Net loss due to a significant reduction in loan provisions. Mr. Murphy is a member of the Governor’s Business Council and is a board member of the Houston Endowment, Inc., the largest endowment in Texas.

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