Out of stock. DRIVEN: An Epic Electric Road-Trip Documentary, Mother Earth Fair 2010 – DIY Electric Car Presentation. (EDIT: The total cost of the pack, including tax, ended up being just under $2700.) As the camera pulls back, it is revealed that the ark will be forever lost in the near infinite space of identical crates in a giant warehouse. Nissan leaf Lithium-ion Battery Pack lithium very good solar or swap upgrade . As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also had with me a print-out of the information for the part, including its tag number and photograph of the car. Prices are the same for you and this blog receives a small commission. “We have an absolutely no-shipping policy,” he stated flatly. No cells available for sale at this time. I handed my receipt to a grease-monkey and told him I was the guy buying the LEAF battery. Amazon links help support this web site. Our Nissan Leaf Gen 2 Battery Modules are perfect for DIY Powerwalls & DIY lead-acid to lithium conversions for your RV, Golf Cart, E-Bike, etc. Any idea where it is?” Awesome find. Huge racks held row after row of rims, while giant off-road forklifts impaled SUVs and threw them about like toys. or Best Offer. It still had plenty of suspension (thank you, airbags in the coil-springs!) Nissan Leaf guarantees roughly 66% capacity over 100k miles/96 months while a recent study shows that with the original 24 kWh pack lose about 20% of their capacity over 5 years. Joe: “We’re trying to find this LEAF battery. “You guys aren’t going to believe how heavy this thing is! $3,999.00. On it, in tiny letters, was a sticker that simply stated NISSAN. https://amzn.to/2BP2Hxv. Ten minutes later, a different yard worker finally made it to the front. Taking a left at the Mars Cheese Castle, I was now going towards Kenosha, Wisconsin to Jantz’s salvage yard. “Woah, Woah, there buddy!” I hollered. That and the fact that the LEAF battery itself is the size of a small car. I then started driving towards Milwaukee and then to the south. That should be a 1 instead of a 2.” Go figure. 85-87SOH. The pole barn had a concrete floor with assorted engines and transmissions on pallets, along with a floor-to-16-foot-ceiling of pallet racking with more of the same. Alabama (1) California (4) Connecticut (1) Georgia (5) Kentucky (1) Maryland (2) Minnesota (1) New Jersey (2) New York (1) North Carolina (4) Oregon (3) Pennsylvania (1) Texas (1) Virginia (2) Browse Map Advanced Search Any cells for sale? As usual, it started as a simple road trip, and ended as an adventure. They managed to swap off the battery with a smaller, more nimble electric forklift, and from there, put it onto a standard-sized pallet. Inside, there were lines for all four countermen. battery, Watch. Litovchenko gets battery packs mostly from totaled Leafs. At the shipping building, I parked, got out and headed inside with my receipt. Nope. I wasn’t sure if all the foot-prints on the battery were from a cat or a raccoon. Was: $600.00. Tagged as: We explored several dimly-lit sheet metal buildings crammed with engines and transmissions.

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