By the late 2000s, Gordon's and Post's careers were taking a back seat to more personal matters, even as the estranged friends were communicating again. I found myself thinking, God, I'm relying on Nina right now more than anyone, and it was so odd, but it was also kind of perfect …. "We made this super lo-fi first record because we were lo-fi," Gordon says. Nina Gordon, the band's co-frontwoman, shouts with glee while the other three band members, who have just completed an afternoon's fierce rehearsal a few days before going on tour, laugh along. 55 vs. No. And then that kind of turned into just saying hello here and there. '""When we first met up again, it was really hard not to dwell on the regret because it just felt like we lost all this precious time," Post says. It's a really big deal: to have that, to lose that and then to get it back again.". '", "Circumstances kind of forced me a little bit," Lack says with a laugh, noting that he hadn't played bass in years. Introduced to each other by Chicago-area native actress Lili Taylor in the early 1990s, Post and Gordon began collaborating on songs, albeit ones they wrote mostly separately, and eventually recruited Lack and Shapiro to form a band named after the spoiled brat of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.". "We never anticipated it, so it's been just this incredible gift to be able to play together again, and there's so much joy in it," Post says. Post says. "And it was the first time that I ever got a pang, like a real feeling of 'Oh, I want to do that. as the band enlisted Metallica/Motley Crue producer Bob Rock. This all happened during the period when the commercial mainstream was embracing "grunge" and "alternative" (Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had killed himself in April 1994), prompting much consternation over which bands remained authentically authentic. The who-did-what of the breakup may not be for public consumption, but make no mistake: Intense feelings about the split and surprising reconciliation are the fuel driving these 40-somethings' return to musical unity and the spotlight. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. How did that happen?" 69 on the Billboard 200), Gordon's "Seether"-referencing "Volcano Girls" became another rock-radio hit, and the band performed Post's intense "Shutterbug" on "Saturday Night Live." "He said, 'I never knew what my answer would be if I were to be asked this, but yes, I would. It's like it doesn't matter what happens, because we're playing these clubs, and most of them are sold out, and we're playing together, and that's enough. They signed to Chicagoan Jim Powers' independent Minty Fresh label and entered the studio with producer Brad Wood, who'd recently recorded Liz Phair's acclaimed debut, "Exile in Guyville," with the intention of making a single. "We wanted to sound huge. Unlike in the first go-'round, the two of them are writing together now and getting input from the whole band. "Nina and I had a defining fight fallout that we just couldn't get past," says Post, in her large-framed sunglasses and off-the-shoulder gray shirt. ", "It's all on the album," says Gordon, her long, straight hair streaked blond as she wears a fatigue jacket over a T-shirt that reads, "It's holy, and everybody knows it" — a quote from the reunited band's new song, "It's Holy." Nina has helped me immensely in the last year, and by working with me has helped me step by step to achieve many of the goals that I had only dreamed about for myself in all areas of life. Coming full circle, the band cut a deal with Minty Fresh to release another 7-inch single, this time for Record Store Day 2014, and it called upon Wood, now also in Los Angeles, to produce; he said yes immediately. Contact Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright, Celebrities Interesting Facts By Nationality, Celebrities Interesting Facts By Profession. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by Steve on Jul 20, 2020 12:43:28 GMT. The intensity, he adds, comes from all four of them: Gordon and Post treating their lyrics "incredibly seriously," all of them playing harder and probably better than before. "Deeper elephants," Gordon says with a laugh. I am totally ready for 2020 to start next week once the kids are back at school, big things are on the horizon for Nina Gordon Coaching in 2020... Watch This Space. Post-split, neither party reached the level of popularity they'd attained together. Shouldn't we be?' Quote. ", Says Post: "We're all flawed human beings, but we're trying to do it right this time, and we're still the same people, although evolved hopefully, in the same band. 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We’ve worked to reset many unhelpful habits and thought patterns, and found techniques that work specifically for me to achieve a better outcome for my life; with new habits that are sustainable and healthy. ", "Not to diminish the importance of the people I played with," Post says, "because there were really quality people I played with over the years and people who cared a great deal, but in terms of having a partner and someone I adore, respect, cherish and who's my mirror — my inspiration and my mirror and shares that energy with me — there's nothing like that. Success came quickly nonetheless: "Seether," which matches heavy riffs with a buoyant hookiness, took off on college/alternative radio stations and became an MTV staple after Geffen acquired and re-released the album, which went gold. With a background in Counselling, I am a fully certified Life Coach, specialising in the area of interpersonal communication within family and couple relationships. As of 2013, Gordon is back in Veruca Salt. Nina Gordon (153 views) Share Thread. There don't seem to be any ulterior motives. I think only people who have experienced that kind of a creative connection can understand how powerful it is. Nina Gordon interesting facts, biography, family, updates, life, childhood facts, information and more: Nina Rachel Gordon Shapiro (born November 14, 1967) is an American singer-songwriter. Some in the rock press reflexively compared Veruca Salt with the Breeders, the alternative band fronted by Pixies bassist-turned-guitarist Kim Deal and her sister Kelley, in part because female-led rock groups were (and are) such a rarity. And we wanted a really polished sound. "We still have that kind of feeling of, 'Oh my God I can't believe this is happening. And yes, some days are super crazy, but my hope is that I always do a little better every day. "I feel like I'm recording a band of adults who are confident in their abilities and have something to say. The impetus to get together in person came two years ago when dreamy '90s band Mazzy Star was playing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Then everything exploded. "It's really not so much about our individual lives the way it used to be.".

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