Looked pretty but needs more work. I was asleep and I felt little hands and heard little voices. These nuts are capable of filling you up and keep you going all day long. The heat wave this Summer has been crazy, so I decided to make some smoothie popsicles to cool down. Nigerian Shuku Shuku is a great Nigerian delicacy that doubles as a dessert and a snack. Use fingertips to make small balls of Shuku Shuku, about the size of table tennis balls. Join me as we celebrate food, love and life. . Growing up, desserts in their elaborate western form weren’t our thing. Loved. Hi. Re: Nigerian Desserts by dustydee: 3:35pm On Dec 10, 2011; Ah! . All together simple and yum. Appetizers like chinchin, puff puff, etc are more common than desserts, in nigeria. Want to know how to get perfect cubes of Mangoes? Free subscription Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria. Puff puffs are a traditional Nigerian snack made from flour, sugar and yeast, and the chin-chin are the Nigerian cookies made with eggs and milk. Nkwobi, a cooked spicy cow leg is a popular traditional desserts in Eastern Nigeria. When I moved abroad to Liverpool in 1997, I began to see how western meals were structured. However some traditional sweet snacks can be made at home, as well as some fancier ones served in restaurants. Your IP: Your Definitive Guide to All Things Food – Mapping the intersections between Nigerian Cuisine and Foods of the World. It is the perfect way to recycle the chaff that I get when I extract coconut milk. What desserts are you making this Easter Weekend? (This episode was recorded in December 2019 and released earlier this year) , A post shared by Food and Farm Podcast (@foodandfarmpodcast) on Apr 30, 2020 at 9:20pm PDT. . Or till you see them turn a slight yellow all over. All Nigerian Recipes. Kilishi is made from either beef, mutton, or chevon. I shall also share some easy kitchen tips for the ‘lazy’ cooks like me. Currently snacking on the plantain chips I made few days ago . This is another Nigerian dessert made from plantain. How to make Nigerian Shuku Shuku [Video] The shuku shuku balls come out of the oven with an aroma that makes you want to munch on them. This is the fourth in my “Zobo” series. The mixture is then rolled into desire shapes and deep-fried. But while in the process of thinking up something, I figured that the Zobo drink I had would work. This dessert is the magic of tradition and convention and is associated with the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria. The puff puffs are usually cut in shapes and fried in hot vegetable oil. Hi... my name is Nma. Mix very well with the fork till everything is well incorporated. The mix should not be soaking wet with the milk. This let it shine. So, I found out that one of my ajebutters has some food allergies and my world almost fell apart. I really love cake and this recipe was born while I was teaching myself how to bake one; and boy the pictures do not do it justice rara!

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