[Trailer]. And while this four-part docuseries includes interviews with Epstein’s former colleagues and associates—and particularly chilling deposition footage of Epstein himself—director Lisa Bryant focuses on the stories of the survivors, women who were drawn into Epstein’s circle and are brave enough to share their accounts with the world. As heartbreaking details emerged, their story made headlines worldwide. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. There’s no more fascinating time then, to watch American Factory, which depicts the culture-clash of a Chinese-owned manufacturing facility in the state of Ohio. Documentary Emmy nominee Craig Foster did the underwater photography for this film as he bonded with a special octopus. Babies Part 2 (June 19): As babies make sense of a brand-new world, breakthrough research details how they are already equipped to handle the complexities of human life. What starts out as a heartbreaking disappearance quickly takes an even more gruesome turn, especially when you consider that it’s Shannan’s social media videos that narrate a large part of the documentary. Welcome to a new regular feature from What’s On Netflix. Need to something new to watch? Available on Netflix: 14 July 2020. Available on Netflix: 14 July 2020. Fuyao were awarded more than $6 million in subsidies from Ohio state taxpayers. Now in 2020, My Octopus Teacher is a meditative, visual guide to appreciating and respecting the complexities of life on our planet. Warrior Nun Season 1 (July 2): A series about a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artifact embedded in her back. Just that name alone should sell this film. México Season 2 (Aug. 7): The fondant flows and frosting fiascos abound as home bakers try to recreate cakes shaped like armadillos, aliens, and Elvis for a tasty cash prize. Dossier: the silent chorus – declines in the bird world, Happiest alone: Europe’s semi-independent microstates, Rebuilding Paradise review: Californian communities are already living with the consequences of climate change, Geographical’s pick of the books: September, TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: Lockdown Swansea by Smartphone and Bike by Nick Smith book review, STRANGE RITES: New Religions for a Godless World by Tara Isabella Burton book review, AU REVOIR, TRISTESSE: Lessons in Happiness from French Literature by Viv Groskop book review, ON TIME AND WATER by Andri Snær Magnason book review, EAT THE BUDDHA: The Story of Modern Tibet Through the People of One Town by Barbara Demick book review, THE BOOK OF TRESPASS: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us by Nick Hayes book review, MAYFLOWER: A Sea Change by Dawn Bébe and Juliet Coombe book review, OWLS OF THE EASTERN ICE: The Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl by Jonathan C Slaght book review, THE UNREMEMBERED PLACES: Exploring Scotland’s Wild Histories by Patrick Baker book review, FOOTPRINTS: In Search of Future Fossils by David Farrier book review, WANDERLAND: A Search for Magic in the Landscape by Jini Reddy book review, IMPERIAL MUD: The Fight for the Fens by James Boyce book review, INVASIVE ALIENS: The Plants and Animals From Over There That Are Over Here by Dan Eatherley book review. As Foster ventured to the surface, the octopus that held his gaze softly clung to his arm in an apparent moment of interspecies curiosity. Horse Girl (Feb. 7): Alison Brie stars in this Jeff Baena film about a woman who is closer to horses than people and begins to experience surreal hallucinations. Next, she tackles the much more difficult obstacle of having a social life. Can You Hear Me? Available on Netflix: 22 July 2020. Available on Netflix: 1 July 2020. You’re not alone), this 90ish minute documentary uses found footage to unravel the devastating deaths of Shannan Watt and her two daughters. The woman at the center of one of the most gripping international true crime stories in recent memory, Amanda Knox tells her story—of her murdered roommate, her arrest and conviction of the crime, her time in an Italian prison, and ultimate exoneration. Emily in Paris (Oct. 2): Lily Collins stars as Emily, an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company — and she is tasked with revamping their social media strategy. Rebecca (Oct. 21): Netflix's remake of Rebecca, Alfred Hitchock's award-winning 1940 romantic thriller, stars Armie Hammer and Lily James as a newly married couple whose marriage is twisted by the memory of Mr. de Winter's first wife. But do these wellness trends live up to the promises? Get Organized with The Home Edit (Sept 9): Organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit conquer clutter and transform lives. Reality Z (June 10): A zombie apocalypse imprisons contestants on a Brazilian reality show in a TV studio, where they try to evade the flesh-eating hordes. Selon Through emotional and in-depth interviews, each coach reveals the critical moments in their personal lives and careers that ultimately helped form their coaching philosophies. Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom (March 17): Clever sheep Shaun, loyal dog Bitzer, and the rest of the Mossy Bottom gang cook up oodles of fun and adventure on the farm. Adapted from the Harlan Coben novel. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan: This docudrama focuses on the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan. Try our in-depth dossiers that provide a comprehensive view of each topic. Decades after the still-unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey, director Kitty Green goes to Boulder, Colorado to cast local actors in a film about the murder—only to discover the lasting impact the little girl's murder has left on the area's residents. The English Game (March 20): Written and executive produced by Julian Fellowes, this six-part drama charts the origins of football and how those evolved into the world's most popular sport. 13 Reasons Why Season 4 (June 5): In the powerful final season of 13 Reasons Why, Liberty High School's senior class prepares for graduation. Press the Apple, Android or PC/Mac image below to download the app for your device, Copyright © 2019 Syon Geographical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Jordan Fisher and Lana Condor, To All the Boys: P.S. Go! [Trailer]. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 (Jan. 24): Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) is still reeling from Nick's (Gavin Leatherwood) possession by the Dark Lord but enlists her mortal friends, "The Fright Club," to help free him from eternal damnation. Mignonnes / Cuties (Sept 9): Amy, 11 years old, tries to escape family dysfunction by joining a free-spirited dance clique named "Cuties," as they become aware of their own femininity through dance. They will find out that you can run from your past but not from yourself. Written by Geographical Published in Films. Restaurants on the Edge Season 1 (Feb. 28): Move over, Gordon Ramsay, there's a new restaurant reformation team coming to town with this reality series, co-hosted by celebrated Canadian chef Dennis Prescott. The Wrong Missy (May 13): This film stars David Spade as a man who thinks he's texting the woman of his dreams but finds out that he's actually been texting a very different woman when she shows up for his company's island retreat. Taylor Swift: Miss Americana(Jan. 31): This "raw and emotionally revealing" documentary about the music superstar will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival before arriving on Netflix. All the Bright Places (Feb. 28): This adaptation of the bestselling novel by Jennifer Niven tells the story of Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) and Theodore Finch (Justice Smith), who meet and change each other's lives forever. Read our review of the new season here. Available on Netflix: 3 July 2020. F Is for Family Season 4 (June 12): While Frank deals with an unwelcome visit from his father, Sue discovers the wonders of Lamaze, and Bill makes a name for himself in the hockey rink. Outer Banks (April 15): A tight-knit group of teens unearths a long-buried secret, setting off a chain of illicit events that takes them on an adventure they'll never forget in this original series. Go! Episodes: Anonymous people with no apparent connection are being murdered while imitating the first appearances of the most famous superheroes. Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (Nov. 24): Huttsgalor's favorite winter festival is finally here! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend (May 12): This interactive special brings Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) and the Reverend (Jon Hamm) back together as Kimmy tries to get to her wedding on time and foil the Reverend's latest evil scheme. Documentary following the career of basketball legend, Stephon Marbury. Selena: The Series (Dec. 4): This biopic series stars Christian Serratos as the titular Tejano music superstar, whose life came to a tragic end after the head of her fan club murdered her when she was just 24. The synopsis provided by Netflix has already piqued our interest on this one: “Dazzling and tender-hearted, legendary astrologer Walter Mercado vanished at the peak of his fame. The boys take Melvin's time toad back to convince Santa to incorporate some of their ideas to his new holiday, but they come back to the present to find that their plan didn't work quite how they'd hoped. The Occupant (Hogar) (March 25): An unemployed executive is forced to sell his apartment. 2020 TV-G 1h 24m Science & Nature Docs. Pets United (Sept. 11): A group of selfish pets are stranded in their luxury hangout when the machines that run Robo City go wild and take over, forcing all humans to flee for their lives. The siblings then embark on their own high-flying adventure to find the true meaning of family. Inside the World's Toughest Prisons Season 4 (July 29): Investigative journalists become voluntary inmates in the world's most volatile prisons, where mistreatment rules supreme. Circus of Books (April 22): This documentary centers on the owners of an LA porn store that became a hub for the local gay community. Episodes: 24 By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 (Feb. 26): It stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff team up with co-creators Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall for this coming-of-age story about a teen girl navigating high school, a complex family, her budding sexuality, and some new mysterious superpowers. Go! You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies. The Protector Season 3 (March 6): As chaos descends on Istanbul, Hakan faces a formidable Immortal who seeks to possess the key to destroying the city. The Hollow Season 1 (July 12): Perplexing mystery awaits viewers in this new animated-action series, which opens with three teens — Adam, Kai and Mira — as they awake confused and alone in an underground bunker. [First Look]. But jealousy flares when Freddie brings his cousin Rosie along for the ride. October Faction Season 1 (Jan. 23): Based on the Steve Niles comic, this series centers on a family that includes a retired monster-hunter, a witch, and a warlock. Onisciente: In a future where each citizen is monitored 24/7 by a drone, a woman discovers a murder unaccounted by this surveillance system and investigates why. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Starring: Skyler Gisondo, Kara Hayward, Vincent Kartheiser. [Trailer]. What's on Netflix is a website of Posterity Information Technology Ltd. But when "The Chrissy" catches on, his sister gets all of the attention! A heartbroken Jeppe returns home.

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