Actually, Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked it over. Akronos feels that the Nucleus must be kept from evil men at all costs. Saxon appears to have. "How much Keeffe is in this movie, anyway?" Oh, these must be the Cave Dwellers! Never mind, he is a total dud. Hey! Apparently, it is listed as being sequels for BOTH the Troll series and the Ator series. 55:00- "My people are not warriors. I can't eat anothuh' thing fur' anothuh' six months you're in great shape! No! The kennedy reference by crow at the very beginning caught me way off guard. :p, One MST3k riff that never fails to make me laugh REALLY HARD, like throw-back-my-head-and-slap-my-knee-and-not-be-able-to-breathe kind of laugh, is "I'm the best-lookin' man in the Middle Ages! Comedy Centralgave the series a 72 episode order starting with this episode. Sure, who, doesn't? Aaaa, she's making flash powder with her own filth. No,no,no. At last she arrives, and Ator uses his medical knowledge to heal her wound. If you like Zappa, watch 200 Motels, its Jimmy at his best. I think they exaggerate when they say "citation needed" for the comment, "Film did not do well in critical reviews." Just wish Gomez wouldn't step on other actors lines all the time. They then asked him to play the father since he spoke haltingly and looked bored always, he went for the part of Beth in Skydivers (Time to have coffee....). I'll be doing the death scene from Camille. * Definitely one of my favorite episodes. I go along for the ride. This is the opening for Where Eagles Dare. Long live MST3k! Ram chips - Bad things: giant growling snake puppet, ridiculous hats, incredibly potent shields, invisible villians, the hang glider and the scene where Ator is fighting the wall. Get this MST3K Episode! WACK-A-CHIC-A!, .. Christopher Wurst (contributing writer), "It's the speedy delivery guy and has he got a package! Oh my god I must have watched this episode at least three times and this is the first time I noticed the dog even though they announce it by saying "It's Marmaduke" and Crow's panting. Wait a minute... this is the Magna Carta! The Blade Master (USA) Mila is pursued by Zor's soldiers, and is wounded by them, but continues to stagger towards Ator's home. You have to be signed in to edit the video links. I know they discuss it, but the anachronisms of this movie just... get to me. Year Hey, how much Keefe does this movie have? Uh-oh. You idiot. I can't believe I sat though this "film! "We'll meet again." But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. You look like a turkey. I gotta go get a sandwich. ... Just like the other one! Did anyone else get the Jimmy Carl Black reference?!?! ", "I think they're just temps wandering through the forest. And this is the part of the film we like to call, "She Had to Ask"! This movie is soo good at being bad, that it hurts just to laugh!! 1) did he study under William Shatner, on using pauses to convey tension? The Mads remind them of their evilness. why isn't it named ator vs. the puppet snake or similar? I love this movie, I used to watch these movies when I was a kid, I actually rented this at the video store, it is sooo much better when MST3K does it though. Greatest credits riff of all time. Digitally released on, Amazon Instant Video, Rifftrax, iTunes, Vudu, and VHX. Here you can see the driver turn and shoot Kennedy... Borromel - the thorough but gentle laxative. but i really do hope they brought him back at some point in some way, even if its as a different character or on the viewer. and (laughs maniacally), Crow - "I could use a man like you." Forrester! But he's in no particular hurry and leaves with no visible supplies for the journey except a fabulous floor-length lavender cape, aided of Thong and Mila.Honestly, there are a few jokes that still fly over my head. Miles O'KeeffeLisa FosterDavid Cain HaughtonChen WongCharles Borromel Trace Beaulieu, Crow - "Nice try. Having now seen Ator: The Fighting Eagle (which is the first Ator movie), I gotta say that the quality went waaaaay down between movies. Why do they say "Puma!" "Miles O'Keeffe! Created by Joel Hodgson. (pronounced pew-ma)? When? He's muscular but is still grasping the connection between muscles and all the weight lifting he's been doing for years? "We'll take them back to the village and speak to the people." Take, for instance, this invention exchange. This is the Dawn of Man. Segment Two: The gang reenacts the Cave Dwellers half-screen digitized credit sequence, starring Crow as Ator, Joel as "That Mean John Saxon-Type Guy," and Tom as "The Really Dull Old Guy.". Servo is now "Sugar Magnolia". Hey, why don't you go pick on somebody your own opacity? Riffs you quote here will appear randomly in the above. Ahhh ... these must be the cave dwellers! Tits all over,eh,I mean,it's all over for you Ator! It's sassy! These "heroes" allow a whole lot of people to be killed before they actually do any "hero-ing"! When you have a berserker (they use the interpretation Bare of sark or bare chested, when I tend to believe the ber sark or bear shirt) from the... 8th... 9th century carrying a pair of katanas from the 15th century and flying a glider of the 20th century to attack a 17fh century castle owned by Genghis' third cousin (13th century), I think anachronistic is an understatement. Body grease by Goodboys of Beverly Hills. Joel and the Bots endure Miles O'Keeffe as Ator while Doctor F. endures Frank's efforts to be Mike Douglas. I like Mike over Joel as a general rule, but there are certain Joel moments that showcase his dry and understated humor perfectly. Yeah. Schismatics are ripped to pieces and reconstituted in an assembly-line manner, liars are steeped in a sea of shit. No, no, it's "Quickly walk, and carry..." something big... "Playing the center spear, Ogg!" Thirty minutes in and let’s recap the action so far…. I'd love to know how many people actually bought a ticket to see this atrocity? On a Facebook group called MSTies Militia, it came up and someone asked Trace, who answered thusly: Apparently they looked all over for them and couldn't find them., The opening and closing credits for the FVI release uses footage from an unrelated film, the 1963 Italian fantasy film, The "Ator" series was made to capitalize on the popularity of the, On Friday, September 23, 2016, this movie was featured on the MST3K-esque German TV show "The Worst Movies of all Times". (1) Tax Right Off (2) An experiment on how to stretch 25 minutes of dialog into a whole movie. ...but enough of this. So the old dude insists Ator not kill Zor because it would lower him... somehow. 'The Lucid Version of the Really Bad Opening Credits' host segment - FUN..NN..NNY (said while giggling). The ape throws the bone into the air, and, as it tumbles in freefall, we cut to a bone-shaped spaceship. What would MacGyver do? Ator, o Conquistador (Portugal (imdb display title) Doesn't he make leather mugs at the Renaissance Festival? ", "Wow. Run time Online videos come and go. There be greatness up ahead. In ya go... Inzy Winzy! Dr. Forrester already called Joel "Boobie"! The first blade lifts the head away from the body, before the head can snap back, and... "Well, this is neat, but what the heck does it have to do with the movie? Just think, if they had raised it a little higher they wouldn't have needed actors either. Released on DVD by Rhino in February 2003 as part of. cant believe they missed this riff opportunity near the start. Don't remind me," Joel replies, scratching his backside in remembered pain.   |  Okay but exactly how much Keeffe is in this movie anyway? The Riff That Should Have Been.... Oh, let me get a pencil-- I wanna write THAT one down... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM US?? I can feel it here. Written by And remember to believe in magic, or I'll kill you. I don't know what it is but something about ator just drives me nuts. We do. "Your father would have done the same." It's a clear Conan the Barbarian rip-off, but it remains internally consistent and seems to have been planned out in advance, where Cave Dwellers seems to have been written as it was being filmed, had no sense of what kind of world it was in and continually seemed to jump between the prehistoric era and the Middle Ages. The riff, "Looks like he flew into 17th Century Bulgaria, and that's Mad Ludwig's castle," has multiple errors. No, no, Joel. He learns arrow dynamics. Classic episode. "When it seems you have reached the end of the Earth..." Ask for Earl. She then is able to convince him she is the daughter of Akronos, and that her father is in terrible danger. ''jeez, Tolkien couldn't follow this plot! nothing, really? Great. Never really noticed this before but Gypsy's voice kind of sounds like Billy West's impersonation of Jackie Martling. "How much Keeffe is in this movie, anyway?" Zor's soldiers enter and begin beating Akronos, but Zor angrily sends them away to maintain the image of a man who would only use violence if needed. Hurry, everybody, get in a line! Ator, o aittitos (Greece (video title) The reason this scene is so good is because we care about the characters. Everyone did drugs then, I guess. You're right. The script? "Everybody loves tar. It's just decorative. i mean cable tv was kind of closer to what youtube is today, and then to go from that to a proper tv network, with executives and producers, and big wigs and suits, etc. I just ate! MST Hour Segment Four: Joel shows Tom and Crow how to be a Foley artist, creating sound effects using Jell-O, hamsters, and Madame (played by Trace Beaulieu using a Punch puppet). During the host segment at 22:00, can anyone else hear a woman talking in the background while the music is playing? But the overall mayhem in this episode will delight viewers! That should be enough for now. ''yes , sorry dear, its just you bear a striking resemblance to my dad''. Thong, the fish is ready! Geez, those robots would die if they ever saw Linkara's show.

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