Whatsoever.”. It’s not something new—in our post we documented how various anti-Israel leftist activists and groups have been trying for a long time to make the case that Israel is to blame for U.S. police shootings of blacks. pic.twitter.com/hae3rJ9XqA, — Andrew Bennett (@acandidworld) July 2, 2017. That effort has been on overdrive since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and is accomplished through a combination of false and misleading statements regarding the militarization of domestic U.S. police departments and U.S. police training in Israel. They need an effective poison. As a Jewish organization working in the movement for Palestinian rights, we at Jewish Voice for Peace aren’t strangers to controversy and difficult conversations. But on June 4th, JVP activists wearing red T-shirts with “Deadly Exchange” emblazoned on them and unfurling campaign banners deliberately targeted an LGBT Jewish Zionist group proudly marching in New York City’s Celebrate Israel Parade, as we highlighted in our post Jewish Voice for Peace targeted at-risk LGBTQ contingent in Israel Day Parade: Let's call #JVP the "Jewish Voice for Pork" from now on to highlight that @jvplive is neither #Jewish nor peaceful! It’s Time For Jewish Communities To Stop Investing In The Police – The Forward. But it’s a new campaign video that really rams home the accusation that “organizers” at U.S.-based Jewish institutions are making the “deadly exchanges” possible. He points out that much of the short video’s montage includes images which the narrator insists are horrible “human rights abuses” (e.g., border walls, travel bans, surveillance technology, the use of tear gas) but that in reality aren’t especially “deadly” or egregious violations compared to what happens in many other countries. As a Jewish organization dedicated to safety and justice for all peoples, we see it as our duty to draw the line at these exchanges. It’s not clear who in JVP decided in the past few weeks to advance an ugly Jewish conspiracy theory as a central feature of the revamped campaign. “We want to end Israel’s human rights abuses, not hold them up as a model.”. JVP is not a Jewish group. Like the truth. Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of US-Israel Law Enforcement Exchanges From the acting Deputy Director of ICE to the current Chief of Police in Washington DC, from San Diego to Chicago to Atlanta, since 2002 thousands of American law enforcement officials have trained in Israel with Israeli police, military and the Shin Bet. Bottom line: After a “long history of indulging anti-Semites”, JVP is now smearing Jews as malignant forces who work to subvert and undermine the health and well-being of other societal groups. He then asks the logical question: Does any intelligent person seriously think there is a significant causal connection there?”, The @jvplive #DeadlyExchange video is oddly lacking in the 'deadly'. For that matter, why do Jewish voters do the same thing? We’ve recently gotten word that it is likely the ADL’s National Counter Terrorism Seminar was on the ground in Israel during the very week that bombs were falling on Gaza and the Knesset was codifying apartheid. In it, Manhattan-based writer Uzi Silber describes a strange “contagious but containable” malady that’s afflicted a small minority of Jews over the millennia. Durham City Council prevents the militarization of its police following a community-led effort, in first win for Jewish Voice for Peace’s Deadly Exchange campaign. But we also know how discomfort can be a catalyst for transformation. The Jewish vote in 2016 was 70% Clinton, 25% Trump, and 5% noise. _JVP... https://t.c…, *With “Deadly Exchange” Campaign, Jewish Voice for Peace moves from enabling to promoting antisemitism* Israeli surveillance of Palestinians and its security contracts with various U.S. high tech companies are “deadly” when in fact much of this technology has been put in place to help make it easier for Palestinians to pass through checkpoints, by speeding up the process and reducing the need for IDF interactions. JVP’s Deadly Exchange campaign was introduced in early April with a series of seminars featuring guest speakers and workshops at JVP’s national conference in Chicago. JVP also frequently partners with extremist individuals and groups that demonize Israel and delegitimize Zionism, while propagating negative stereotypes of Jews. Initially JVP’s condemnation of US-Israeli law enforcement and armed forces exchanges didn’t highlight the role of American-Jewish organizations in “running and funding” these programs as a prominent feature in its campaign. RT @LegInsurrection: With “Deadly Exchange” Campaign, Jewish Voice for Peace moves from enabling to promoting antisemitism https://t.co/P0b…, RT @daledamos: *With “Deadly Exchange” Campaign, Jewish Voice for Peace moves from enabling to promoting antisemitism* https://t.co/ZFHNI4OIqY, With “Deadly Exchange” Campaign, AntiSemite Jewish Voice 4 Peace moves from enabling 2 DIRECT promoting antisemitism https://t.co/Lt6In2DGqp, With “Deadly Exchange” Campaign, Jewish Voice for Peace moves from enabling to promoting antisemitism… https://t.co/87Jh6Tk9To, These fake Jews promote hatred of Jews. Although we know that ending these exchanges will not end police violence or deportations in the U.S., abolish Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights, or terminate all security collusion between the U.S. and Israel, we must start somewhere. But there’s simply not a shred of evidence for any of this.

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