II; Pry Sch, Ikot Antia; Prison Club; Village Square, Aba Road (Sector 56); Min. I; Village Square Okwan Obolo. II; V/Hall, Uruk Obong II; Village Square, Uruk Obong II; V/Hall, Ntak Ekpeyong; V/Hall, Nto Osung; V/Hall, Ikot Inyang Udo; Pry Sch, Midim Atan; Village Square, Midim Atan; Village Square, Midim Nto Udo; Village Square, Ikot Akpan; Village Square, Ikot Ubo, Village Square, Ikot Ossom; Village Square, Ikot Obiodok; Village Square, Ikot Ntuen; Village Square, Ikot Ansang; Village Square, Ikot Udom Mkpatak; V/Hall, Atai Essien Mkpatak; Village Square Ikot Otong; Village Square, Ikot Uba; Village Square, Ikot Udo Inyang; V/Hall, Ekpeyong Atai II; V/Hall, Ikot Esifon; Village Square, Uruk Obong 1, Pry Sch, Mbiabet Ikpe; Sec Sch Mbiabet Ikpe; Village Square, Ebe Ikpe; Pry Sch Ikot Eside; Village Square, Ikot Eside; V/Hall, Ekpene Oton; V/Hall Onion Ono; Village Square, Ekoi Ikpe; Pry Sch, Ikot Ekpe; Village Square, Ikot Abiat; General Hospital, Mbiaobong Ikpe; Village Square, Usung Idim, Mbiaobong Ikpe; V/Hall, Ikpe Nung Inyang; Village Square, Ikpe Udok; Village Square, Ikpe Ikot Akpan; Village Square, Ikpe Ikot Ntuen; Village Square, Ibam Ikpe; New Comp. Sch Nsie; St John's Sch, Nsie, St Andrew's Sch, Oti-Oro; Govt Sch, Utine Eyekung; Village Square, Utine Nduong; Village Square, Etieke Utine Eto; St Joseph's Sch, Ebighi; Village Square, Eyo Nku; Village Square, Itak Uyati; Village Square, Itak Okiuso; Village Square, Itak Ekim, Market Square, Atiabang; Village Hall, Eyobiafaha Atiabang; St Joseph's Sch, Uruting; Village Square, Osu Offi; St James' Sch, Otieke; Meth. Sch. I; Village Hall, Nung Ukim III. Sch, Mbiok Ikot Odung I; Meth. ; Village Square, Ndon Ikot Itie Udung I; Pry Sch Ikot Mkpo; Village Square, Ndon Ikot Itie Udung. It is believed that the kingdom was founded around the 15th century and consists of four quarters namely Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim, and Nnewichi. Water is abundant there and the vegetation luxurious. Ogbia is a small village in Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Sch Mbioto Ekpene Ituen; C/Sch Mbioto Ekpene Ituen; Pry Sch, Efiat Mbioto I; Village Hall, Ikot Etor; Govt Sch, Ikot Etekpo; Pry Sch, Ikot Ukpong; Town Hall, Ikot Ekot; Pry Sch, Mbioto Ekpene Ituen; Pry Sch Efiat Mbioto II, Pry Sch, Ikot Nseyen I; Pry Sch, Ikot Nseyen II; Co-Operative Hall, Ikot Osong; Pry Sch Ikot Obio Inyang; Co-Operative Ikot Obio Inyang; Pry Sch Afaha Efiat; Pry Sch Ekom Iman I; Pry Sch Ekom Iman II; Village Hall Ekom Iman. Please choose in the list below and simply copy & paste mentioned HTML code into your page source code. This kingdom is a monarchical territory headed by a king [Enijie] who handles the leadership of the kingdom. I; Town Hall, Afaha Atai. The most expensive house costs ₦280,000,000 while the cheapest costs ₦19,400,000. Sch, Mbiok Ikot Odung II; Village Hall, Etok Iton; Village Hall, Itak Ikot Akpandem, Council Hall, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo I; Council Hall, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo II; Market Square, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo; Village Hall, Ibiaku Ata; G/S Ibiaku Ikot Ukana; Village Hall, Ndiya Mfia; Urban Sec Sch Ibiaku Ntok Okpo; Village Square, Mbiabong Ekpene Oton I; Village Square, Mbiabong Ekpene Oton II, Unity High Sch, Mbiabong Ukan; Village Hall, Ikot Akpan Ntim; Luth Sch, Itak Ikot Akap; Village Square, Ikot Edem Udo; Village Square, Mbiabong Ikot Etefia; Village Hall, Ikot Mbiam; Pry Sch, Ibesikpo/Mbiabong; Village Hall, Mbioku Ikot Abasi; Village Square, Mbiafun Ikot Ntia; Pry Sch Mbiabong Ukan Ikot Nung, Meth Sch, Ukpom Ikot Ntuen; Luth. II; Village Hall, Ikot Akpan Okop; Village Square, Ikot Ekpuk; Village Hall, Ikot Abasi Minya, Pry Sch, Asong; Town Hall, Asong; Sec Sch, Asong; Co-Op Hall, Asong. Sch, Iwoachang; Village Square, Iwoachang I; Village Square, Iwoachang II, Pry Sch, Nkafre; Pry Sch, Opolom; Health Centre, Opolom; Pry Sch, Atabrikang, Village Hall, Atia I; Village Hall, Atia II; Village Hall, Etio Esek; Town Hall, Itak Idim Ukpa; Pry Sch, Okposo I; Pry Sch, Okposo II, Village Square, Esuk Ikim Ekeme; Village Square, Itak Afaha; Town Hall, Itak Idim Nne Ekpe; Town Hall, Esuk Ikim Akwaha; Town Hall, Ndito Eka Iba; Town Hall, Okom Ita, Pry Sch, Mbierebe Obio I; Pry Sch, Mbierebe Obio II; Pry Sch, Ikot Iko I; Pry Sch, Ikot Iko II; Pry Sch, Afaha Atai; Pry Sch, Afaha Etok; Pry Sch, Nung Oku; Pry Sch, Afaha Ikot Osom; Market Square, Ikot Akpan Edu; Pry Sch, Mbikpong Ikot Edim; Village Square, Mbikpong Ikot Edim (Near Bus Stop); Pry Sch, Ikot Akpan Abia; Village Square, Ikot Akpan Abia; Market Square, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan; Pry Sch, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan, Pry Sch, Nung Ette I; Pry Sch, Nung Ette II; Pry Sch, Ikot Oduot; Co-Op Hall, Ikot Oduot; Pry Sch, Ikot Okubo; Pry Sch, Ikot Ambon; Pry Sch, Owot Uta; Village Hall, Owot Uta; Village Hall, Ebere Otu; Pry Sch, Ikot Ikere; Pry Sch, Ikot Udo Ekop; Village Hall, Ikot Abasi Idem; Pry Sch, Ikot Eto, Village Hall, Nung Udoe; Pry Sch, Nung Udoe; Market Square, Nung Udoe; Pry Sch, Mbierebe Akpawat I; Pry Sch, Mbierebe Akpawat II; Pry Sch, Ikot Udo; Pry Sch, Ikot Essien; Village Hall, Ikot Akpa Etok; Pry Sch, Ikot Ide Akpakpan; Pry Sch, Ikot Ide Etukudo, Pry Sch, Mbikpong Atai; Co-Op Hall, Ediam; Market Square, Oku Ibesikpo; Pry Sch, Ikot Okure I; Pry Sch, Ikot Okure II; Pry Sch, Ikot Obio Odongo; Village Hall, Ikot Obio Odongo; Pry Sch, Ikot Obio Offong; Village Hall, Ikot Obio Offong; Pry Sch, Edem Ibiok; Village Hall, Oku Ikot Edaha, Pry Sch, Nung Ukana Ikot Efre; Village Hall, Nung Ukana Ikot Efre; Village Hall, Nung Ukong, Ikot Obio Akpan; Village Hall, Afaha Udo Eyop; Village Square, Afaha Ikot Eyop; Pry Sch, Itoko; Pry Sch, Abia Ukpo, Pry Sch, No. There are several options how to link to our maps — including no elsewhere to find free google maps gazetteer search, ready to use on your website. II; Village Square, Ikot Ekefre; V/Hall, Ikot Ekpeyong; V/Hall, Ikot Igwe; V/Hall, Nyi Okon; Village Square, Ikot Udo Okure; Village Square, Ikpe Okon; Village Square, Ufuku Okon, V/Hall, Ikot Nkwa; Village Square, Ikot Obong Edong I; Village Square, Ikot Obong Edong II; Village Square, Ukana Nsasak; Village Square, Ikot Andem; Village Square, Ikot Etan; Village Square, Ikot Akpan Inyang; Village Square, Ikot Ekon; Village Square, Ikot Akpan Efia I; Village Square, Ikot Akpan Efia II; Pry Sch, Ikot Esedomo; Village Square, Iboho; Village Square, Ikot Essien; Village Square, Ikot Akpan Essang; Village Square, Ikot Offiong; Village Square, Ikot Akpabin; Pry Sch, Ukana Una East I; Pry Sch, Ukana Uwa East II; Village Square, Ikot Eso; Pry Sch Ikot Ofok; V/Hall, Ikot Akpan Essien I; V/Hall, Ikot Akpan Essien II; V/Hall, Ikot Osom; V/Hall, Ikot Offiong Etor, Village Hall, Ukana Uwa West; Pry Sch, Ikot Ukpong Etor; V/Hall, Ikot Akan; Village Square, Ikot Udo Ekrat; V/Hall, Ikot Afanga; Village Square, Ikot Otu; V/Hall, Ntak Ikot Akpan, V/Hall, Ikot Edet; V/Hall, Ikot Akpan Ntia; Village Square, Ikot Ayara; V/Hall, Akpa Utong; St Aloysius Pry Sch, Akpautong; Village Square, Ikot Udo Idem; V/Hall, Onuk Nkop Ekpo; Village Square, Ikot Akpabio; Independence High Sch, Ukana Ikot Ntuen; V/Hall, Onuk Ikot Ngwo; V/Hall, Onuk Ikotosom; Pry Sch, Ukana (Okop Akama); V/Hall, Ukana Ikot Ide; Village Square, Ikot Udo Etim; Village Square, Ikot Udo Inam; Village Square, Atan Ikot Okoro; Village Square, Ukana Onuk; V/Hall, Ikot Okwo Etim, Pry Sch, Utu Nsehe; Village Square, Utu Ikot Eboro; Pry Sch, Abat Town; Village Hall, Abat Town; Pry Sch, Esa Obong; Pry Sch Ata Essien; V/Hall, Obong Ikot Akpan; Village Square, Utu Nsekhe, Pry Sch, Nkwot Ikono; Village Hall, Ikot Udo Nkwot Ikono; Village Square, Ikpe Ikot Akwa; Pry Sch, Ikot Obioma; Pry Sch, Inen Ikot Okpo; V/H, Utu Ikot Nkor; Pry Sch, Uruk Ata Ikot Isemin; Pry Sch Akakpan, V/Hall, Ikot Mboho; Sec Sch Etok Uruk Eshiet; Pry Sch, Utu Ikot Imonte; V/Hall, Utu Idung Akpan Udom; Village Square, Uruk Ata Ikot Ekpor; Pry Sch 1, Utu Ikot Ekpo; Pry Sch, Atai Nto Obo; Pry Sch 11, Utu Ikot Ekpo; Village Square, Utu Ikot Ekpo, Village Square, Obong Utit Idim; V/Hall, Uruk Ata Ikot Akpakpan; G/Sch, Nkwot Ikot Ebo; Pry Sch, Nto Unang; Q. I.

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