If we move forward after the introductory phone interview, there are two more folks to meet in the form of a video call with the Talent Acquisition rep for the role and then another with the Hiring Manager or a member of the team in which the role is open, sometimes a Product Manager will even pop up. During my time here, we’ve talked to a lot of designers who are curious about working for Spotify. Discover location, duration, compensation, stats, and more. Right now though, we don’t offer any internships, programs, or job opportunities for students below university level. You’ll be at the heart of major projects, working with our teams to create awesome things. And in many ways has changed the music industry as a whole. We’re looking for enthusiastic current students with a passion for audio experiences and an ambition to go far. These metrics will either be referenced or brought up during your interview. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The US manager wrote: Tell your design story. I used this skill to find the emails of target Spotify employees and sent my application directly to the marketing managers in Spotify’s US and Swedish offices. Although Spotify seemed to be dominating the music streaming market, the growth of Apple Music was accelerating. I sent some emails to the people I had been in contact with and asked if they wanted to have coffee. I learned SPSS and how to develop a website, the true meaning of time management and how to conduct an amateur market research study. I spent my winter break reading every article I could find that concerned how to get a job at Spotify. Hey everyone! I had everything I needed to make an amazing application, but I was still missing one thing: Spotify had still not posted their internships! A phone interview, which will be conducted to pre-screen you as a candidate. So if you’re worried that you’re not in that one special place where we find everyone, don’t be. You won’t be making tea, picking up packages or taking minutes. In this role, you will get to design research on our products and users and you will have an impact on the way the world listens to and experiences audio content. It was nearly mid-March and although they liked my website, I still had no guarantee of an internship. However, I never had the courage to even take a glimpse at their job listings for internships. How Can You Get An Internship At Twitter? It’s in our differences that we will find the power to keep revolutionizing the way the world listens. Begin your application and follow-up process around February of the year you want to get an internship. Do you have new grad or new master’s grad opportunities? But if you’re passionate about coding and curious about our platform, do check out the Spotify for Developers site. Getting my Spotify internship was difficult. We love to see cover letters, portfolios and personal websites in addition to your resume to give us a better sense of who you are, your experience and what you are passionate about! Discover, manage and share over 50m tracks for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features including offline mode, improved sound quality, and an ad-free music listening experience. And so I pitched them for that other job. Companies receive massive responses from potential candidates for any.. Check out Spotify Answers for solutions to a wide range of topics. I took a weekend and used my amaetur HTML skills to present my research results on a website (thank you Myspace). I was concerned that I would not reach 100 responses, but I received over 200. I had just returned from my last internship at a San Francisco startup and my heart was dead set on working for another tech company. Reach out to the manager, mentioning that you’d like to intern with Spotify. All this would also help me know how to present my market research project in the most compelling way. Making a creative application is easier said than done. Don’t share just your skills, share your hopes and dreams! I figured recruiters probably received a ton of cold emails, so a better approach would be to target the people that I wanted to work with directly. We’ll ask nicely if you’d mind walking us through your portfolio again, in person this time and to a slightly larger, always friendly audience. Send over your sticky note sketch artistry. She is majoring in Management Information Systems and receiving her second degree in Spanish with a concentration in Portuguese. Social; Community Blog; Spotify Answers; Help. And even after your internship, can lead to full-time offers. My plan had worked. I had a value-adding project, a creative way to present it, and research on everything I needed to know to be a competitive candidate. He was impressed with my website! I had everything I needed to make an amazing application, but I was still missing one thing: Spotify had still not posted their internships! Adrian Buendia is a Senior Global Talent Acquisition Partner for Design at Spotify tasked with hiring Product Designers at all levels in our global offices. Rather, we encourage graduating students to apply to full time roles closer to their graduation dates as all the roles you will see online right now are for immediate fill. Through it all, I not only landed my dream internship, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Do you sponsor visas for internships? The first thing is to make sure that you start applying for your internship before the summer months. Weeks passed, and I still had no response from their HR team concerning the interview process. I realized that running a market research project on how consumers were reacting to Apple Music could help Spotify’s marketing team better understand the strengths and weaknesses of Apple’s streaming service and simultaneously reveal growth opportunities for Spotify to maintain their competitive advantage. What if I did all this work, spending countless nights working on my application and becoming the perfect candidate and I didn’t even get the chance to apply?

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