The General Motors EV1 was an electric car produced and leased by General Motors from 1996 to 1999. [30], CARB had already rolled back deadlines several times, in light of car companies' unreadiness to meet the ZEV requirement. While GM remained officially committed to the electric vehicle, enthusiasts were concerned that low public interest would result in the program being scrapped. those of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego. way to show its technical expertise could be of value to the automobile company. Delco Remy and Delco Electronics were intent upon GM had four years previously acquired the Hughes Aircraft Co. with [85] In addition, during this period, GM reorganized their electronics divisions (among them Hughes Electronics and Delco Divisions) into Delco Propulsion Systems in order to attempt to commercialize this technology in niche markets. Soon after the rollout of the second generation cars, the originally intended nickel metal hydride (NiMH) "Ovonic" battery pack, which reduced the car's curb weight to 2,908 lb (1,319 kg) entered production; this pack was also retrofitted to earlier cars (both battery pack designs were led and invented by John E. Waters under the Delco Remy organization). that its sales would amount to two percent of total sales. At the time of release, the lead-acid battery-equipped EV1 was the only electric car produced which met all of the United States Department of Energy's EV America performance goals.[79]. About 20 units were donated to overseas institutions. I'd say things are picking up. GM produced 1,117 EV1s, but made them only available for lease. The media cannot understand even the simplest of stories without screwing up. Likewise for any defects in design The US space program initiates advanced battery R&D. You know, I fully expect that gas is going to drop to $1.50 a gallon again. A single-stage, single-shaft, recuperated gas turbine unit with a high-speed permanent-magnet AC generator was provided by Williams International; it weighed 220 lb (100 kg), measured 20 in (51 cm) in diameter by 22 in (56 cm) long and was running between 100,000 and 140,000 rpm. There was also a research program[87] that powered the series hybrid Gen2 version from a Stirling engine-based generator. With a battery powered car, if you forgot to plug it in last night... oops. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Joshua Shaw, Oct 11, 2010. Of course GM was not entirely successful in eliminating of GM's North American operation, Reuss turned it down. [20] In New York City, 14,000 callers responded before the lines were closed. One was on display at the Main Street in Motion exhibit at Epcot in Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Electric Auto Corporation receives that distinction for their car built in 1980, at the height of America's second gas crisis. According to Motor Trend, "The Impact is precisely one of those occasions where GM proves beyond any doubt that it knows how to build fantastic automobiles. the Federal Government makes 18 cents a gallon on gasoline, the gas companies make around 8 cents a gallon on gasoline. The decades before the release of the Impact and the EV1 had seen little in the way of development on the electric car front. If you lived in California, that state's strict emission-control regulations outlawed the 4.1. Inspired partly by the Impact's perceived potential for success, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) subsequently[when?] Interesting, did they do it on there own ?, or forced as this thread suggests. [16] Volunteers had to own a garage where a high-current charging unit could be installed by an electric company. This feature is only available to registered users. [47] In addition, the cost of maintaining a parts supply and service infrastructure for the 15-year minimum required by the state of California meant that existing leases would not be renewed, and all the cars would have to be returned to GM's possession.

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