A: Mexico was the best training I could ever have. 03/11/2020 Exclusive Cristina Rodlo possesses an open, passionate, and powerful spirit with an amazing amount of talent sizzling beneath a gorgeous exterior. Founder & Editor in Chief - The Bare Magazine, ©2020 The Bare Magazine | NYC + Philadelphia | All rights reserved, Keri Russell, poloroid, modern beauty, Ogee Beauty, Elenia, Fuschia, Ogee Luxury Organics, Star Wars, Brian Magallones, Antlers, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Guillermo del Toro, Scott Cooper, Oregon, Janina Gavankar, Joliet, Illinois, The Morning Show, Apple TV, Ben Afleck, The Way Back, Stucco, independent film makers. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ "So for me to have this story on a big network, by a big house is important because people are going to see a different side of what is going on right now in this country. "When they told me what my story was, I was like I have to do that: I'm an immigrant, I'm a Mexican and I want to come to this country to have a better life — not just for me but for my family as well. MEAWW brings you the best content from its global team of You have the comedy, the drama, the action — you have everything in life and that is what this show is," she says. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Finally, almost two years ago, I had the chance. CR: I love LA. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), CR: I like to be as simple as possible. Cristina Rodlo: I feel very lucky to be shooting a show where I play a US Army medic. Bare: What have been some personal highlights filming 68 Whiskey so far? It all happens several times a day live and live-streamed on BUILDseries.com. I lived in LA eight years ago and I always wanted to come back. It’s not only about the war. }); And because this is such a topical issue with hundreds and thousands of people going through it right now, Rodlo thinks it is important to tell their end of the story, which was one of the main reasons for her to take the show. "For me, it's like life. It’s also about what’s hidden behind that war and the political interests behind it, and the struggle the soldiers go through while being overseas. CR: I think people are going to see a different side of the military. She wants to help other people. ga('create', 'UA-67136960-15', 'auto', 'ads'); if(document.querySelector("#adunit")){ But barely halfway through the first episode, she is informed that her family is being deported back to … eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), },false) let gads_event; Being big fans of the 70’s/80’s classic TV series MASH, we know 68 Whiskey will be a mix of action, suspense, humor, and romance. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { Bare: We love your statement about how you feel it's important with the work you choose that a person viewing it is not the same going in as when they walk out. I have Griffith Park, coffee shops, stores, theatre, everything. BUILD is a live interview series like no other—a chance for fans to sit inches away from some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, tech, fashion and business as they share the stories behind their projects and passions. It’s a side we haven’t seen on a film or on another show. eventAction: 'click_ads' The issue of immigration has been a prevalent subject for a while now. She is very family oriented. reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. It’s hard to pick one place for Mexican food, because there are so many. },false) if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ eventAction: 'click_image_ads' Meanwhile her other project, 68 Whiskey, premieres January 15th on the Paramount Network. "She is a dreamer so she was born in Mexico but has been living in the USA for all her life. So when she receives the news that she must be deported, she is heartbroken and angry that she is here defending a country, fighting for its people when that country doesn't even think of her as their own. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotOnload', function(event) { Her latest film, Perdida, just premiered in her homeland of Mexico.Meanwhile her other project, 68 Whiskey, premieres January 15th on the Paramount Network.Bare can’t bear to wait. Q: You got your start working in television and film industry in Mexico. She has big dreams. They're gonna see that we come here to have, honestly, a better life and to have a better future.". Rosa Alvarez is a smart, dedicated Army medic deployed in Afghanistan. Bare: Have you found comfort zones and things you love in LA since moving there from Mexico? "She is going through a lot right now. If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515. }); }); CR: Poverty, discrimination, and religion. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { We’d been shooting for 14 hours and on the last shoot we were flying on the Blackhawk and we saw the sunrise. hitType: 'event', Born in Mexico, Alvarez has been living in the USA "for all her life", which makes the country her home. Bare: Are there any similarities between you and your character Rosa Alvarez in the show? eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Bare: What are the three top things you'd like to see change in the world? Rodlo expects the dark comedic nature of the show will make it relevant to a large pool of audience. We’re very similar for sure. gads_event = event; MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. Being Mexican I never thought I was going to be able to play an American soldier. However, being a dreamer, Rodlo adds that Rosa Alvarez is not one to back down and just admit what the fates bring to her. eventAction: 'load' }); } Cristina Rodlo plays Luz, a Mexican American student and Chester’s girlfriend, who chooses to join him in the camps. }); } Instead of feeling tired, we were all so grateful of what we were doing at that moment. ga('ads.send', { CR: Definitely. In what way are they different? He actually grew up in Terminal Island where our series starts out. So, the only things I cannot leave my house without are: two red bracelets that I always wear on my left wrist, my phone, some money just in case, and my Cherry Labello. hitType: 'event', Cristina Rodlo, Sam Keeley, Jeremy Tardy and Gage Golightly discuss Alvarez and Roback's complicated relationship and Durkin, Davis and Alvarez's decision to help Roback. Gracias a la revista Flaunt por esta entrevista! Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Cristina Rodlo talks about her character, Rosa Alvarez, and how her own personal life compares and contrasts against the “68 Whiskey” character. She has to find a way for her to stay or to go back," Rodlo says. Bare can’t bear to wait. "You are going to see all of these characters go through a bunch of things in their lives, work and people are going to connect to them because they're so different from one another and they're gonna find a little bit about themselves in each character - they're gonna have a laugh, a cry, witness the action.". Cristina Rodlo talks about her character, Rosa Alvarez, and how her own personal life compares and contrasts against the “68 Whiskey” character. Rosa Alvarez is a smart, dedicated Army medic deployed in Afghanistan. hitType: 'event', }); eventAction: 'view' How did those experiences prepare you for your transition to American film and television? Her family is being deported, she is fighting for this country," Cristina Rodlo tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) at the red carpet premiere for the show. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), }); BUILD is a live interview … The actress adds that what makes the characters relatable is the fact that they're like the audience in more ways than one. Also, flying on the Blackhawk is absolutely amazing. Cristina Rodlo, Derek Mio and Shingo Usami in ‘The Terror: Infamy’ (Photo by Ed Araquel / AMC) Did you have any moments while filming The Terror: Infamy that deeply impacted you?. Interview by Sydney Nash. Cristina Rodlo's character on Paramount Network's new military dramedy is going through a tough time. But barely halfway through the first episode, she is informed that her family is being deported back to Mexico and that she will soon be joining them. We are one of the world’s fastest growing I hope people can relate to the characters, their struggles and their relationships. She is a fighter in every single way. }); Follow us: TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/BUILDseriesNYC FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BUILDseriesNYC INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/BUILDseriesNYC #BUILDseries #Interview. Most importantly, have you found a place for great Mexican food?! I love that I can walk around. if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { And we know first hand you won’t walk away unchanged or unaffected in a great way by this force of a woman. She wants to fight for a better life not only for her but for everyone in the world. ga('ads.send', { Enable JavaScript … Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings, In an exclusive chat with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), actress Cristina Rodlo talks about playing the role of Rose Alvarez on the military dramedy on Paramount Network, window.adsContainer = 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