Q.: We have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma registered with commercial plates. Is the registration fee more/less? A.: I checked with the Boston Bruins’ office and they currently have 450 preorders so they are halfway to the 900 requirement. What is going on?? A.: Thank you for purchasing the Plum Beach Lighthouse plate and supporting that local charity. charity, non-profit, and organizational plates that are available to anyone in CT. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Fees for Please check your inbox (including spam box). A hike of $50 in two years is outrageous! At that time, I paid $40 as a donation to the restoration efforts and all the other usual fees. Your registration renewal fees are based upon the weight of your vehicle, and this includes all the DOT surcharges that have been put into effect over the last three years. When you are purchasing a new or used vehicle in Connecticut, you must register it at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you're a Connecticut resident, there are many specialty license plats to choose from. Since 2010, you no longer have to have registration stickers on your license plate. If you don’t want to remain in possession of your license plates, you can surrender them to the DMV. There are a number of organizations in Connecticut that sponsor various specialty license plates, including tags for: Read below for more information about the specialty license plates available from the CT DMV. Q.: Can a 2004 Ford F150 be registered in Rhode Island with no title? Mid 1970s revalidated to 1988. $27 if you're getting the classic vehicle plate to. vanity plates, license plates for charitable organizations, and military license plates if you're an eligible veteran. Vehicles that are 2001 and newer and are coming into Rhode Island from another state also require a VIN check which can be done at your local police department. personalized special plates vary. The National Guard Association of Connecticut (Active and Retired). Vanity plate combinations must meet the following criteria: You can use the online At the top of this page will be a couple of paragraphs, but it's the second paragraph that addresses the Transportation Investment and Reduction Act of 2011 that explains these additional renewal fees. Please send your questions to Ask the DMV, c/o The Providence Journal, 75 Fountain St., Providence. If you really want to be unique when driving your vehicle, you can choose from an assortment of specialty license plates available in Connecticut. The You have 60 days to register your vehicle at the DMV if you are a new resident to Connecticut. Also, they will be required to show photo identification. I've looked all over the DMV website and find no reference to this plate and special fees. Vanity Plate Service website to check the availability of a combination. You must have a vehicle with a valid Connecticut registration to apply for a special vanity plate. Thanks. For renewals, you can do this either in person, by mail or online. Several changes were made around this time. — Charles "Chuck" Hollis is assistant administrator for the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. Encourage your friends to buy this plate and support this charity as the money they raise from the sale of this plate will go to local charities in Rhode Island. Choose the plan that’s right for you. Then, you can submit form E-45: Replacement Application for Identical Plate and submit any required fees online or by phone. There are a few steps to take to get your license plates replaced. upon proof of ownership of a camping trailer, fifth-wheel camper trailer, travel trailer or truck camper as defined in RIGL § 31-1-3. The Olympic Spirit plate is $70 to order ($159 for a vanity plate). Please have your signature notarized and someone else can come in with all your completed paperwork and do the registration for you. Is it for different use? We have a link from our website to the Bruins’ website and their application. Order Special Plates Step 1 of 5: Enter Personal Details and Current Plate Information. $15 to renew. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles issues several different military tags to qualifying service members, veterans, and their families. Here is a step by step guide on how to lookup Connecticut License Plates and report bad drivers: this 100% free license plate lookup service, You can only place this between characters, Military Order of the Purple Heart License Plate, Central Connecticut State University License Plate, Surrender your remaining plates (if available), $5 fee with a police report / $25 free without a police report, Vehicle Insurance in family member’s name, Letter permitting family member to keep the plates, Form H-13B: Application for Certificate of Title, Non-Commercial Trucks [up to 8500 lbs]: $80. Thanks. RI 02902 or email [email protected] Thanks. You are the property owner of the license plates registered to your vehicle. The best Chinese in Milford, CT. - Served w. Egg Roll & Roast Pork Fried Rice or White Rice or Brown Rice This person will be required to fill out the top left box: Name of Person Submitting Documents to DMV. The fees for commercial vehicles registering for a combination plate would be identical to those established for other commercial vehicles of the same weight. These temporary tags typically cost $21 and remain valid for 21 days. If your license plates are not in good condition, they can fall off. The Connecticut DMV issues collegiate license plates that help support alumni associations or scholarships at several area universities. If you are purchasing a vehicle privately, you should visit the DMV in advance to obtain a temporary tag. You can customize standard CT license plates and several specialty plates. If you are registered a motorcycle or a trailer, you’ll only be issued 1 plate for the rear. Currently, you can get a plate for: to 11,400 lbs. First, about halfway through the CO- series, the layout was changed similar to the plates below - with 'Connecticut' in smaller letters centered between the lower bolt holes. Or, in some cases, people have had their license plates stolen off their vehicle. My friend is selling it to me and lost the title but he has the Massachusetts registration. If you want to transfer your license plate to another family member, please bring the following to the DMV: Note: You can also put your plates on hold in the event that you sell your vehicle and want to use your plates for an upcoming purchase of a new vehicle. I know it could take a while to get to that number and I am patient, but I would just like a progress report. Twenty dollars of that amount helps with the restoration and maintenance of this historic lighthouse located in Narragansett Bay between North Kingstown and Jamestown. The combination plates will allow those vehicles to be driven for both commercial and pleasure purposes. or less. The combination plates will allow those vehicles to drive for pleasure purposes only. Is the registration fee more or less? Remember that this charity plate is for passenger vehicles and plates only. Below that are additional lines for a Notary Public Signature, Notary Public Name, Date, and Commission Expiration Date. A drop-down menu will appear and you can chose “Special Design Charity Plates.” The Boston Bruins plate will be listed along with all the other charity plates that are for sale. If the vehicle doesn’t have plates on it and you need to get a VIN check, please come to the DMV to get a temporary plate that will allow you to go and get that transaction done. Available license plates include tags for: Military plates are available ONLY to those who are eligible. fee for a standard vanity plate is $94 IN ADDITION to standard Connecticut registration fees and renewal fees. plates for the mid-'70s, combination plates remained like this.

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