Use MSWord for opening other people’s docs. Something else to mention is the potential to use InDesign to create a highly polished final product while allowing the content editors to have access to editing the text; there are a couple options for this route. 3. The real frustrations with Word aren’t the things it can’t do, or even the limited things it can do. I have a client that does large contract bids, merging content from many different sources. WordsFlow is more production proof in that you can control the formatting on the InDesign side and review changes made by the editors before accepting. Which native InDesign format? They can stay productive in their long- and hard-earned knowledge of Word, with all its editorial power. The other option is to purchase Adobe InCopy. ): Just to end on one personal note: Back around 1990, I was hired to lay out a technical book for Microsoft (the original TrueType specs, code-named Royal, if I recall correctly). This article made me ROTFLMAO. it should maintain all justification and alignments are made files an the Microsoft Access (such as sort, static text). It can do a mail merge very quickly and easily and import data from a database. I use Word for opening other people’s files and for doing find/replace …. Word just sucks – plain and simple. Nevertheless, I’m also a pretty rational person who isn’t prone to things like “hating” an app and saying it should be banned from existence because it doesn’t do a good job at something it’s not meant for. Pricey yes, but if the publishing house is big enough it’s worth it. > Macros are easier too, but I’ll admit that it may be my limitations with ID that perpetuates the bias. After all, Microsoft Word although powerful as a Word Processing application, lacks a lot of features that InCopy brings to the table. I even use it occasionally to lay out a very, very simple page. At the end of the day we really don’t need Word. It integrates with Adobe InDesign. The software enables editors to write, edit, and design documents. Word processing in other words, which is what it is for. If you’re doing books, government proposals, newsletters, ads, and stuff that needs to look good enough to convince people to give you or your company money, InDesign is the way to go. Moreover, it is extremely hard to prevent it from producing flawless output, no matter how how much Word user spirit you throw at it. It allows so many features regarding editing, designing and many more to increase the productivity of its users. Mark “Create pdf bookmarks” checkbox in Create Table of Contents dialog window. i shall be thankful if you can advice me to overcome my problem thanks. I just stumbled on this entry today an I would like to add my two cents worth. InCopy stops all other work on a story while it’s checked out. 6) Word has a very high “four-letter-word factor,” according to my informal statistics around my studio. The terror! For me, there are five reasons why any software is better than MS Word: But while I think that it makes no sense to force a professional designer to use MS Word, I think that InDesign is a bad choice for people without some kind of design background.

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