Naira to Pounds GBP Buy rate/467 Sell rate: 471. Buy and Sell Nigerian Naira for UK Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Ghana Cedis, Euros and Bitcoin at best Naira Exchange Rates today. It. GBP/NGN: Aktueller Britische Pfund – Naira Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. AbokiFX Daily dollar rate, Naira to Euro, Naira to Pounds, with live foreign exchange rate calculator on AbokiFX. Currency converter to convert from British Pound Sterling GBP to Nigerian Naira NGN including the latest exchange rates, a chart showing the exchange rate history for the last 120-days and information about the currencies. provides daily information on the current exchange rate of the Naira to Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro and Chinese Yen and our currencies. In der englischen Umgangssprache wird er als „Quid“ bezeichnet. The Naira was introduced in 1973 to replace the British pound as the official currency of the Naira and they were mostly coins. Das Pfund Sterling steht an vierter Stelle der am häufigsten gehandelten Währungen auf dem Devisenmarkt. Load your account with the amount in NGN, GBP, USD, EUR or Bitcoin that you want to exchange. We see a future for Africa that truly fulfils the continents immense potential, but we believe that this can only be done with hard work dedication and the road must begin somewhere. A: 50 Dollars buys 19048.3 Nigerian Naira at interbank exchange rates. TradeNAIRA is the only transparent Nigerian Naira Currency Exchange. Use of the Services of is subject to the Client Agreement. Convert 1 Britisches Pfund to Nigerianischer Naira. Aboki Forex – How Much Is Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate? Nothing on this website constitutes or should be construed as financial advice. GBP NGN: Aktueller Wechselkurs von Britische Pfund GBP und Naira NGN mit Chart, historischen Kursen und News auf BÖRSE ONLINE. In der Auswahl können Sie in den beiden Listen aus rund 160. We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform. abokiFX also provides daily bank ATM rates, Market FX news, Aboki street news, CBN Rates, Lagos BDC rates, Moneygram and Wester Union rates. Our entire site requires SSL. Buy Naira, Cedi, US Dollars, Bitcoin and more within minutes. New Dollar Wallpaper HD. Nigeria naira ngn usd parallel market plunge hints at more woes bloomberg how much is dollar to naira today bank rate aboki euro naira exchange rate today wetinberate realtime rates black market official bdc exchange rate dollar to naira in black market today april 2020 aboki black market exchange rate august 2020 After you have made your exchange, you can transfer the exchanged funds to any account of your choice in your name worldwide. Pound rate is ₦595 against Naira in Black Market (Lagos) today, October 18, 2020.Sterling has been traded at ₦590 when Black Market opened this week on Monday, October 12, 2020. You can do this with a simple bank transfer. Eur gbp flag copy euro exchange rate in nigeria today bank notes in naira dollars euros and pounds are pictured lagos january mauritius currency aboki forex currency converter rate calculator by greatcallie google play united states searchman data information. This information has been prepared for distribution over the internet and without taking into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person. Canadian Dollar To Naira: Buying = NGN273 and Selling = NGN283. Use of this website is subject to the website Terms and Conditions. Aboki FX Official CBN Rates. So the current Canadian Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today in Black Market or Aboki as widely known is listed below. 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Wechselkurs GBP in NGN. For people who send or receive money through this medium, the site displays the Naira NGN transaction rate to currencies like the Euro, Sterling Pounds GDB and Dollars. Send money to Nigeria with the best NGN exchange rates for USD, EUR, BTC, GHC and GBP AbokiFxRate - The World"s Trusted Currency Authority Two-factor authentication (email or authenticator apps) is required for all withdrawals and API usage. We are the largest and most transparent market place for Nigerian Naira and other West African exotic Currencies. Abokifx Exchange Rates – Dollar to Naira Rate Today & Euro To Naira. TradeNAIRA plans to develop services that tackle the largest and hardest problems that businesses and individuals face when travelling and doing business in Nigeria and West Africa. Powered by WordPress and Golden Black Theme, Aboki Dollar Rate In Nigeria Today Black Market, Peso Australian Dollar Exchange Rate Graph. TradeNAIRA makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the suitability, completeness, quality or exactness of the information and models provided in this web site.  Read full disclaimer. Our services are built to stand as trusted institutions that give many businesses the chance to thrive and develop in Global players. Peer-to-peer currency matching platform offering mid-market Get live exchange rates, historical rates & charts for GBP to NGN with XE’s free currency calculator. It is important to know western union charge a fee for each transaction depending on the amount. Today, people are eager to know the euro to naira rate. abokiFX provides you with daily naira FX rates against USD dollars, GBP pound sterling, EUR Euro and other currencies such GHS Ghana Cedis, XAF and XOF Benin and Cameroon Francs. Raise money and find investor for your new or existing business today. This had led to a reduction in our revenue which had also affected the Naira exchange rates. Aboki Mallam Fx will keep you updated with the happenings as well as breaking news in the world of business. Am strongly recommending him tp others. Aboki FX Live Daily Naira to Dollar Exchange Rates. rates via our dynamic matching technology. It’s likely the most trusted site to find up to date prices of parallel dollar rate in Nigeria and the latest stock trends on the internet. This simply means that for every CAD1 you have, you will be exchanging it for NGN286 in the parallel market, black market or Aboki. Sie haben derzeit die Ausgangswährung Naira und die Zielwährung Britische Pfund mit einem Betrag von 1 Naira ausgewählt. Exchange rate gains across forex naira falls to a 3 year low at the black market exchange rate naira daily aboki black market exchange rates, Nigeria naira ngn usd parallel market plunge hints at more woes bloomberg how much is dollar to naira today bank rate aboki euro naira exchange rate today wetinberate realtime rates black market official bdc exchange rate dollar to naira in black market today april 2020 aboki black market exchange rate august 2020, Abokifx Dollar Naira Exchange Rate Today Euro Pound Black Market Rates Wetinberate Realtime Official Bdc, Abokifx 2020 Cur Black Market Exchange Rate In Nigeria News, Sites For Daily Aboki Black Market Exchange Rates In Nigeria, Euro Naira Exchange Rate Today Wetinberate Realtime Rates Black Market Official Bdc, Abokifx Rate Today Get Daily Naira To Usd Euro Pound Black Market Exchange Rates Wothen, Abokifx Dollar Naira Exchange Rate Today Euro Pound Black Market Rates, Aboki Exchange Rate In Nigeria Today All News Pictures S Opera, Aboki Black Market Exchange Rate August 2020, Get Accurate Abokifx Naira To Usd Other Exchange Rates Wetinberate Realtime Black Market Official Bdc, Fx Market Closes With N1 Drop Against Dollar On Black Businessday Ng, Exchange Rate Gains Across Forex Markets After Record Drop At Black Market Last Week Nairametrics, How Much Is Dollar To Naira Today Bank Rate Aboki, Usd Exchange Rate In Nigeria Today Successful Binary Options Trading Strategies, Black Market Exchange Rate Naira Wetinberate Realtime Rates Official Bdc, 2020 © New Dollar Wallpaper HD Noeimage.Org. Our converter makes conversion of the Naira to other currencies stress free. GBP Pfund Sterling Land Vereinigtes Königreich Region Europa Unterteilung 1 Pfund = 100 pence Abkürzung £ Das Pfund ist die offizielle Währung des Vereinigten Königreichs von Großbritannien und Nordirland. Q: What is 50 Dollars in Nigerian Naira? A: Today's exchange rate (380.966) is higher compared to yesterday's rate (380.4692). We intend to be one of the biggest facilitators of business and trade within Africa and with the rest of the world.

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